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21 Days Until the Rest of My Life

What does 3 weeks look like to you?  Does it look like 21 days?  Does it look like 504 hours?  30240 minutes?  Or maybe you prefer 1,814,400 seconds?

In 1.8 million seconds my life will change forever.  I will be his wife.  I will have a husband.  And it will be time to start the grueling process of changing my name everywhere and anywhere – inside every system that I have ever existed in.

I’m not worried about married life.  To me that is going to be the easy part.  James and I committed to forever and each other a long time ago.  We have already lived together for two years and we truly know the good and bad sides of each other.



Have You Picked Your Colour Scheme?

White, Green and Black Nail Marble

So, because I have no intent on marbling my nails for the big day at the end of this month…I thought it would be fun to do up the “wedding colours” for the upcoming bridal shower this weekend.  People ask us about our wedding colours all the time.  It seems to be a question in the top three…

You’re getting married?  Congratulations!

When is the big day?

Have you picked your colour scheme?

That seems crazy to me.  That people inquire about colours before anything else.  It’s funny, because we never even picked colours at all.  But with it being brought up so early in conversation, it seems like it must be important…I guess we missed something with planning our wedding.  I guess I thought people would be more interested in the location, the bridal party, the vows.  Something?!


I Do?

Brown MAC Smokey Eye

With the wedding less than three months away, the questions surrounding hair and makeup are creeping in closer.  One thing at a time though – makeup first.  I have stayed away from the insanely bright colors and have been experimenting with warmer options that are classic that won’t leave me wondering “What was I thinking!?!?!”

I have a couple looks to start with, and I’m not sure I’ve found “it” yet.  But let me know what you think and if you like one better than the other!