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Colourful Smokey Eye

Colourful Smoky Eye/Rainbow Eye

As we were getting ready to head out last night, I sat down at my vanity and just did not feel like doing green makeup.  So, inspired by Marlena’s (from Makeup Geek) Colourful Smoky Eye from earlier this week, I thought I would put my spin on it.  As you can see she used bright, yet soft colours in her look.

I wanted to create something similar, but I felt like using brighter and bolder colours.

So here is what I ended up coming up with:

Colourful Smoky Eye Makeup

Colourful Smoky Eye/Rainbow Eye

Rainbow Eye

For this look I used the following eyeshadows:

Yellow – Bright Sunshine by MAC

Light Green – Bio Green by MAC

Darker Green- Kelly by MAC

Teal – Teal from the MAC Duo Palettes

Purple – Indian Ink by MAC

Highlight – Forgery by MAC

Colourful Smoky Eye

For the remainder of the look I used:

Eyeliner – Blacktrack Fluidline by MAC

Mascara – Clinique’s High Impact Mascara

Lashes – Ardell Demi Wispie False Lashes

Brows – Filled them in with Mystery Eyeshadow by MAC

Lips – Clinique’s Watermelon Long Last Lipstick (swatched here)

Face – For foundation I used Makeup Forever HD Foundation in shade 118, for powder MAC’s Studio Careblend Pressed Powder in Shade “Light Plus”.  I also used the Powder Blush and Bronzer from Too Faced’s Natural Face palette (still need to post about this!)

Purple and Green Smoky Eye

I hope you all like this bright fun look.  Get out there and have some fun with your colours now that Spring is here!

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It’s Back! Clinique Bonus Time!

Winter 2012 Gift with Purchase from Clinique

Let’s start out by saying that I’m a sucker for “gift with purchase” programs, in this case what they like to call “Clinique Bonus Time”…which is why, once a year I go out of my way to buy Clinique product.  Right now, at The Bay they have their program where if you spend $28.50 or more, you get a free gift with a retail value over $70.  What I love about this, is it allows me to try new things without investing in them upfront and having to purchase full size products. So let’s take a look and see what I actually purchased:

Best Clinique Mascara, Hot Pink Lipstick by Clinique

I purchased Clinique’s High Impact Mascara.  This is actually a product I got a sample size of in a “free gift with purchase” of Clinique’s a couple of years ago and I absolutely love it.  I did end up buying it before and when I ran out I never picked it up again because I already had so many mascaras on the go.  But now, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to repurchase it, seeing as I needed to get to my $28.50 anyways.  I also opted for a very bright pink lipstick – Watermelon.  It is definitely brighter than I would normally wear, but I am hoping I can pull this off in the Spring.  If I put it on with no other makeup, it looks ridiculous, so I am hoping that with hair done, contacts in and some eye makeup it will be a little less terrifying! Best Mascara by Clinique

I did have a hard time getting the camera to capture the colour I was actually seeing on my lips, so I am posting both an image with no flash and one with flash.  Watermelon Lipstick Swatch with no flashWatermelon Lipstick Swatch with flash

So, by purchasing one mascara and one lipstick, I got my gift with purchase.  Right now they have two options.  They come with all of the same products, just different shades to choose from for the eyeshadow and lipsticks.  I went with the “purple” one and there was a “brown” one as well.  I figured I would get more use out of the lipsticks from the purple gift.  It is really nice that you are able to select what colours work best with your complexion and something you actually see yourself using.

Winter 2012 Gift with Purchase from Clinique

What they’ve included:

  • Carrying Case
  • Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (Step 3 of their 3 step program)
  • Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturizer
  • Repairwear Laser Focus (Wrinkle & UV Damage Corrector)
  • Colour Surge Eyeshadow Duo in Blackberry Frost with Smoldering Plum Blush
  • Full Size “A Different Grape” Lipstick
  • Full Size “Heather Moon” Long Last Lipstick

Clinique Winter 2012 Gift with Purchase ProductClinique Winter 2012 Gift with Purchase Product

I also wanted to take a special look at the lipsticks so you guys can see what they look like on.

Clinique Winter 2012 Gift with Purchase Product

Clinique Winter 2012 Gift with Purchase Product

Heather Moon Long Last Lipstick by Clinique

Clinique Winter 2012 Gift with Purchase Product

A Different Grape Lipstick by Clinique

I am pleased with the package I got during Clinique’s Bonus Time – I have no doubt I will get use out of the moisturizers and lipsticks.  So, if you like what you see, head into your nearest Clinique counter before it’s too late!