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All About Eyes Palette

Drugstore Eyeshadows


I’m sure you all can tell by now that I am a makeup addict.  This addiction usually results in many MAC and Sephora purchases.  But every once in a while the draw of the inexpensive drugstore product calls to me as I am sneaking through…just trying to get one thing and get out!  It isn’t my fault…it herds you right through the cosmetic section before you can even get to the other section of the store.

Drugstore Eyeshadow Palette

This “All About Eyes” Palette by Quo was available at Shoppers Drug Mart  for a whopping $20 just prior to the holidays.  You can’t even get two MAC eyeshadows for that price…so I figured why not?!

Let’s take a look and see what these look like.

Drugstore Eyeshadow Palette

For reference sake, seeing as these colours don’t have names.  Let’s number them like this:

Top Row: 1,2,3,4,5

Bottom Row: 6,7,8,9,10

Drugstore Eyeshadows

6, 1, 2, 3, and 4 underneath

Drugstore Eyeshadows

7,8,9,10 and 5 underneath

Colours always seem to swatch nicely on the back of your hand, but that doesn’t always mean it will be nice to work with on your eye.  So I decided a proper review of this eyeshadow also needed a look from these shades.

All About Eyes Quo Palette LookQuo Eyeshadow LookMAC Margin Blush, Unchanging MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolour, Quo Eyeshadow

*Please also note that I used Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, Blacktrack Fluidline by MAC for eyeliner, Unchanging MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolour, Sephora Triple Action Mascara, Margin Blush by MAC as well as Mystery Eyeshadow by MAC to fill in my brows.*

My look ended up looking a lot like my “Zero Gravity Look” but there was a clear difference in the quality of product and ease of use.  When it comes to eyeshadow, I truly believe you get what you pay for.

What I noticed about these eyeshadows:

  • I had to keep going back for more to get the coverage and colour pigmentation I wanted.  Unlike with MAC or Urban Decay, you aren’t just applying once.  The colours also don’t layer nicely if you want to lighten one up by using a different shade on top – it was a nightmare trying to get the pigments to show when layering.
  • Fantastic large mirror.  It is actually functional as a mirror, rather than the tiny shard that you can’t see anything in that comes with most palettes.
  • Useless foam brushes – waste of space!  I would’ve rather seen a q-tip!
  • All in all, I think it is an okay deal for $20.  Even if I end up only using 2 of these colours, it will still be worth the money.  I wouldn’t however go out of my way to buy one of their larger palettes though.  And given my collection of eyeshadow, I don’t imagine I will be reaching for this set anytime soon.
  • I would recommend these Quo eyeshadows for if you plan to do either a monolithic eye (only one eyeshadow colour) or a standard two-toned eye.  If you try to do too much blending or funky layering, you won’t end up noticing the extra work in the finished look at all.

I hope you found this useful!




You May Now Kiss The Bride

wedding outside in the snow

MAC lip product is something I have mostly stayed away from, until now.  My obsession for coloured lip product seems to be just starting.

Generally speaking the MAC Lipglass/Dazzleglass all have a very long wear time, but it comes with a very sticky price.  They will last through drinking and eating, but not without that super goopy feeling that your hair just loves to get stuck in.

In my search for the perfect wedding lipstick, I came across MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolour.  (Don’t let the “Pro” in the name throw you off, these are available at all MAC counters and MAC Stores).  I wanted a lipstick that would persist through the whole day, something that I wouldn’t need to apply before each picture or after every sip…and more importantly, something that wouldn’t leave my groom looking like he was covered in lipstick.

Unchanging, For Keeps and Perennial Rose Reviews

The helpful consultant at the MAC store said this was the only way to go.  You apply the colour (Carufully!  It sets quickly and you won’t simply be able to wipe it off.  Be conscience of your actual lip line) let it set for a moment with your lips apart and then once dry, you simply top it with the gloss.  As the day or night goes on, the colour won’t smudge or wear off.  The only thing you need to worry about is reapplying gloss to keep your lips feeling fresh and moist.  And don’t worry, they sell the clear gloss separately as well, so when you run out of it before the colour, you can purchase a gloss refill individually.  Genius!

Long Lasting, Smudge Proof Lipstick

I ended up wearing “For Keeps” MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolour for our outdoor winter wedding and I couldn’t have been happier with how it went.  I wasn’t worrying about needing touch-ups or if it had smeared all over my face while eating.  And James didn’t need to worry about his lips being coloured after all of the clinking glasses.  I highly recommend this product for anyone wanting a low maintenance lipstick for the moments in their lives when lipstick should be the last thing on their mind.

For Keeps MAC Pro Longwear LipcolourFor Keeps MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolour

Since the wedding, I’ve actually found myself using these on a fairly regular basis.  I can apply the colour in the morning before work and only need to touch up gloss after lunch.  And for all of the in between moments, my lips look fresh like I just applied lip product.  My only complaint about the MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolour is that I wish it came in more shades.  I certainly hope this is a line they expand.  For a look at all of their shade options, click here.

***To remove, you will need to use a makeup remover.  It resists if you simply try with kleenex and water.***

I love this product so much, I just had to do full swatches and images for you all.  But first, lets take a look at my bare lips with no product:

For Keeps MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolour

Long Lasting, Smudge Proof Lipstick

For Keeps MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolour Swatch

Unchanging MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolour

Long Lasting, Smudge Proof Lipstick

Unchanging MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolour Swatch

Perennial Rose MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolour

Long Lasting, Smudge Proof Lipstick

Perennial Rose  MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolour Swatch

I would love to hear from all of you.  I’m curious if any of you have a different solution for long lasting lips that you would like to share?


P.S. This is just the start of sneaking wedding pictures onto Eyemasq.  There will be many more to come! ❤


wedding outside in the snow