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Too Faced ~Dancing Sugar Plums Look~

Too Faced Sweet Dreams Palette

It must be the completionist in me…or a slight case of OCD.  But either way I just had to try the last look from the Too Faced Sweet Dreams Palette – Dancing Sugar Plums.  Let me know what you think!

Dancing Sugar Plums Look




Too Faced ~Day Dreamer Look~

Peach Fuzz, In the Buff, Lovey Dovey

Nothing like a lazy weekend to give you time to experiment and play with your new toys.  For some that is a new tablet, netbook, kitchen gadget or camera.  For me it is just my new makeup palette. Over the past two years I have developed a very fun, sometimes pricey, hobby.  What I love about makeup is it allows you to be creative and express how you are feeling.  Sometimes that is bold, fun and a little crazy and other times it might be more simple and soft  as you go through the routine everyday life tends to offer.  I think the latter is what “Too Faced” was thinking when they put together the look “Day Dreamer”.  It is soft, pretty and simple – absolutely perfect for the everyday.