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Leopard Manicure

Animal Print Nail Art

I discovered this Leopard Manicure tutorial on the China Glaze website and just had to share it with all of you.

Check out the video – it is a lot of fun and really allows people to be creative.

I certainly chose more neutral colours than what they used in the tutorial.  But I think the brights would certainly be more suiting come Spring time.

Leopard Nail ArtAnimal Print Nail Art

I used Swing Baby by China Glaze as my base.  Then did my spots with In Awe of Amber by China Glaze and outlined them with Orly’s Liquid Vinyl.

China Glaze and Orly Nail Polish for Leopard Manicure

I used a Nail Dotting Tool for the black – purchased at Sally Beauty Supply store, but if you don’t have one, try using a toothpick.

Nail Brush and Nail DotterBrush for Nail ArtDotting Tool for Manicures

Do you see yourself trying this out?  I sure hope you answer yes and have some fun with this!




Peppermint Nails

Candycane Nails

Today I felt like nail marbling and although I wasn’t trying to create what I will fondly refer to here on out as “Peppermint Nails” I sort of stumbled upon this look by accident. Because “Heart of Africa” and “Watermelon Rind” nail polishes work so nice in the water, I decided I’d put them together and because I just picked up “Swing Baby” I wanted to include it. As soon as I saw the first nail come out, I couldn’t think about anything other than “that looks like a candy cane – perfect!” So here we are.

Holiday Nail Polishes

Heart of Africa, Swing Baby, Watermelon Rind

To note:  I did not use the white base coat on my nails.  This wasn’t because I thought it would look better, but simply out of sheer laziness.  It was already late and I wanted to save a step.  I have no doubt that the white base coat would make these Peppermint Nails really pop.