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“In the Light” eye shadow palette by Stila

"in the light" palette by Stila

In my October Topbox, you might recall that I received a eye shadow sample card for Stila’s “In the Light” eye shadow palette.

It contained two makeup look ideas as well as samples of each shadow from their full-size palette called In the Light.

Although the samples weren’t huge by any means, I had enough to be able to give these eyeshadows a thorough try.  It contained enough for swatches of all the colours as well as 3-4 regular uses as well.

The full size palette contains 10 wearable neutral shades designed to compliment any skin tone.  It retails for $50.00 CAD ($39.00 US) and also contains a limited edition Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in a matte chocolate brown called “Damsel”.

"In the Light" eye shadow palette by Stila

Photo courtesy of Sephora.com

Swatches from the “In the Light” eye shadow palette:

swatches of "In the Light' palette

Of the two makeup look suggestions included, I decided to showcase the look purrfect cat eye:

Makeup Look using Stila "In the Light" palette

  1. apply “Bare” from lash line to brow bone
  2. apply “Kitten” to the lid and blend
  3. apply “Bliss” to crease and outer corner of the eye
  4. wet brush and apply “Ebony” to lash line, carefully extending the line up past the eye.  (I totally copped out on this step and used my regular black felt tip liner)

As you can see, this is a very soft, subtle and natural eye makeup look that is perfect for daytime.  It also gives you opportunity to use some of your more heavily pigmented lip products for that punch of colour that would be “too much” to pair with a smokey eye.  Above on my lips I am wearing “Hope” by tarte from their line of LipSurgence natural matte lip tints which is one of my absolute favourites!

You will find this look in the full-size palette as well, inside a booklet containing 5 other suggested combinations.  These look books are always great for those who might be a little overwhelmed with too many choices and aren’t sure where to start.  I particularly love them, because they generally suggest pairing certain colours together you might not normally have considered.

Overall, this palette is quite lovely and has a nice variety of natural shades.  For me though, I already have enough neutrals that purchasing this set wouldn’t make much sense.  They do however have sister palettes with different combinations:

  • In the Moment” is a great universal palette with a mix of neutrals and purples that are ultra-wearable no matter your colourings.
  • Stila - In The Moment Eye Shadow Palette
  • In the Know” is a collection of 10 earth-inspired matte shadows which can be a fantastic addition to the beauty addict that mainly has lustre shadows.
  • Stila - In The Know Eye Shadow Palette
  • In the Garden”  is botanical inspired with a nice combination of matte and jewel toned shadows.
  • Stila - In The Garden Eye Shadow Palette

So no matter what your collection looks like at the moment and what you might be looking to branch out into…chances are Stila probably has you covered with a variety of combinations for the savvy shopper.

Have you tried Stila eye shadows before?  What did you think?  Which palette is your favourite?

Thanks for reading!




Convertible Color by Stila: in shade “Poppy”

Convertible Color by Stila - in shade Poppy

There are so many versatile products that can be used on both your lips and cheeks, whether it be a true lip stain or a cream product, so it can be hard to know which one to try.  I opted for the Convertible Color line by Stila.  It is a cream like blush that can also be used on the lips.

Stila Convertible Color ingredient list

Size: 0.15 oz/4.25g

US $: 25.00

CAD $: 33.00

dual lip and cheek cream

If you are a resident of Japan or the USA, you can purchase online at Stila Cosmetics where they have 9 different shades available.  Or, if you have access to a Sephora, Convertible Color is available there as well, with  7 different shades to choose from (Gerbera and Rose not being available at Sephora).   Given my colorings, I wanted a bit of a bolder shade, so I chose Poppy, a berry red.

dual lip and cheek cream - red

Convertible Color by Stila - in shade Poppy

How to apply:

Dab the cream onto your cheekbone and gently blend into your skin with your finger.  Press into lips.


  • This product is non-greasy, glides on easily and creates a natural fresh look.
  • The product is sheer, but build-able so you can create a look as  bold or as natural looking as you like.
  • Having a built in compact makes application or touch-ups on the go easy and convenient.
  • I didn’t find this product at all drying on my cheeks or lips.
  • Because it leaves a nice light stain on your lips, you can use it to enhance your natural lip colour and layer a gloss on top if you want a shinier or glittery appearance.


  • With a darker shade like Poppy, I found I needed to touch up my lips fairly often to maintain an even look throughout the day  (thank goodness for the mirror).
  • The finger you use to apply the product will have a slight red stain to it.

swatch of dual lip and cheek cream by Stila

Even though the price tag is a bit steep (about 9 CAD dollars more than if you wanted to purchase a cream blush at MAC Cosmetics – and less product) with the Convertible Color line by Stila, you are able to create a perfect monochromatic look, which isn’t always easy with mix and match products.  So depending on your collection of blushes and lip products, this might be excessive for you to pick up.  But if you are just starting to grow your make-up collection, it might be a very convenient and versatile 2-in-1 product that you get a lot of use of.

Convertible Color swatch of "Poppy" on lips and cheeks

Do you have a combo product like this that you swear by?

Thanks for reading!