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Del Sol: a nail polish that changes colour in the sun

Summer is the perfect time for bright colours, short shorts, sandals and a golden tan.  It is also the when you get to break out all of your fun nail polishes that just don’t suit fall or winter.  Del Sol Nail Polishes help you experience two colours at once in a super fun way.  They have a line of nail polishes that change colour in the sun.  I bought some last summer and really want to share them with you.

Spike, Electrik! and Sassy nail polishes by Del Sol

I purchased:

Spike – which changes from a light pastel metallic green to a dark pinkish purple metallic shade.

Electrik! – which changes from a metallic baby blue to the same metallic green that Spike starts out as

Sassy – which works for occasions where you want your indoor nails to be a little more neutral (perfect for work).  This polish changes from a light pastel pink to a richer medium metallic coral/pink.

Spike, Electrik! and Sassy nail polishes by Del Sol

There are 22 different combinations available at delsol.com and they also have over 100 store locations in 23 different countries worldwide. Del Sol also carries a variety of jewellery, clothing, hair clips and other accessories that change colour when outdoors soaking up at that Vitamin D.

I decided to showcase Spike for this post and I’ve taken a few progress shots in an attempt to show the polish making the change in the sun.

1. Inside:

"Spike" nail polish swatch
2. Just stepped outside and its starting to change:

colour changing nail polish (sun activated)

3. Fully changed in the sun:

sun activated nail polish

How fun is that?  It’s like having two different manicures at the same time.

Spike Nail Polish swatch by Del Sol

The Del Sol nail polishes in my experience are a really great consistency that make applying multiple coats quick and easy.  Although they are slightly sheerer than one might like (I do 2-3 quick coats), I find that it takes the same amount of time to paint your nails because you don’t have to worry about a goopy consistency when layering the polish.  They dry quite quickly and still glide on as smooth as the day I bought them.  These polishes leave your nails feeling soft, silky and with a shiny finish.

green nail polish by Del Sol

Has anyone else tried these?  Does anyone know of any other brands that have a line of polish that changes colour in the sun?

Thanks for reading!