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Neutrals with a pop of colour

neutral eye makeup with a pop of colour

I’m not crazy enough to think that people love bright makeup as much as I do.  And it’s true that sometimes, all you need is a pop of colour instead of an intensely bright eye.  After all, hot pink eyeshadow isn’t always work place friendly.

So I wanted to share with you a few different ways that I like to incorporate something bright or bold into my soft and neutral looks.

1. Keep your eyeshadow and lips soft and opt for a bright contrasting eye liner.

MAC's Aloha Crushed Metallic Pigments with Pearlglide Intense Eyeliners:

neutral eyeshadow with a pop of colour

brown eyeshadow with bright purple eyeliner

2. Create either a soft or smokey eye using neutral colours like browns or greys and add a bold lip in a vibrant shade such as red, pink or even orange.

Pin-Up Style with a Bold Red Lip:

pin-up makeup

Too Faced Sweet Dreams Palette:

smokey eye makeup with a hot pink lip

3. Pair neutral shades of eyeshadow with a brighter colour like seen below in this unlikely combination of brown, peach and green.  The browns keep it soft, while the green and peach add a little bit of fun.

Lancome Makeover:

neutral eye makeup with a pop of colour

So, when you are planning to pair those brown eyeshadows with that nude lipstick and muted blush, have a little bit of fun instead and add a pop of colour!

And tell me, how do you add colour to your everyday?



Russian Red: A Matte Lipstick by MAC Cosmetics

Russian Red lipstick swatch, by MAC

I’ve been aching for a nice true red lipstick.  And I found myself  in search of a lipstick that either had bluish undertones, or was simply a nice neutral red.  I think I found my new “go to” with MAC’s Russian Red matte lipstick.

Described by MAC as an “Intense bluish-red” it certainly sounded like it fit the bill.  Items from this  lipstick collection cost $14.50US or $17.50CAD for 3g of product.  MAC’s Russian Red is also currently a shade featured in MAC’s “Fashion Sets” collection where they are offering lipsticks, glosses and nail lacquers all of the same shade.

Matte Lipstick packaing by MAC

I found I had a bit of a hard time capturing the true colour in photos, so I have provided several pictures here, in different lighting to try and give you the best idea of what it’s truly like.

Russian Red lipstick swatch, by MAC

I always love to swatch on the lips as well  because I really find that it helps capture the colour.  And in order to give proper swatches, I made sure that I took pictures of MAC’s Russian Red lipstick both with flash and without flash.  The first one here is with flash:

Russian Red on lips

And without flash:

Russian Red lipstick swatched on lips

I’ll try to use this lipstick in a look soon so you guys can see it in action.

What do you think of this shade?  What is your favourite product to get that bold red lip?



swatch of Russian Red matte lipstick

Russian Red matte lipstick by MAC
*This picture was taken with a flash*

Time for Pin-Up

Pin-Up Makeup

By now you should all be able to tell that I love to do a bit of experimenting and try different things from time to time.  I like to stretch my comfort zone and push my boundaries…and other people’s boundaries for that matter, as far as they’ll let me anyways.  But the latter is not what I will be posting about today.

Yesterday was my work’s annual Christmas party.  All the people that you see 260 days out of the year transform into different versions of themselves.  They dress up, they spend extra time on their hair and makeup, they hide their glasses and they make their entrance with their other halves in tow.  Christmas parties are sort of a weird creature, a little awkward, a little stilted.  You make pleasant conversation, you meet some new people.  You drink just enough to loosen up, but you are always a little weary of having one too many and being that person that the stories around the office surround until the next big corporate event when someone else has a chance to embarrass themselves.