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White and Green Shimmer Gradient Nails

A few months back I did a tutorial on how to create the gradient nail effect.  For that tutorial I used a neon pink and purple by China Glaze and wanted to see how the technique held up with glitter/shimmer polishes.  (For gradient manicures I like to use two contrasting colours to create a more dramatic effect, but of course you can use similar shades for a more subtle effect.)

I started with Orly’s Winter Wonderland polish, a white shimmer polish, heavy with tiny silver glitter.

Orly's Winter Wonderland nail polish

Then, using a cosmetic sponge, I lightly dabbed on “Watermelon Rind” by China Glaze on the upper half/two-thirds of the nail. gradient nail tutorial

Then, I began adding a second coat of Watermelon Rind, but this time, starting further up the nail.  (Leaving the lightest part of green untouched where it meets the white)

how to create gradient nails

Repeat with a third coat, starting even further up the nail this time, focusing on the tips of each nail.  At this point, you should really notice the gradient effect.  (Don’t worry about it getting all over your skin, that is normal!)

how to get gradient nails

Then, you simply take a q-tip with nail polish remover and clean up the skin around the nails.

Watermelon Rind Nail Polish - gradient nails

A gradient manicure like this is really fast and easy to do.  And because the coats of polish you are applying are so thin, it dries very quickly.   gradient nails with Watermelon Rind and Winter Wonderland nail polishes

Have you tried out gradient nails yet?  Do you have a favourite colour combination?  Or a different method you prefer?



How To: Neon Gradient Nails with Glitter

Pink and Purple Gradient Nails with Glitter

Gradient Nails are something I’ve loved the look of, but never properly tried out.  I decided today was the day.

First, pick your colours.  I went with two neon polishes from China Glaze, Flying Dragon and Purple Panic.  (Interesting Fact: “Purple” Panic is the pink one.)

Neon Nail Polishes by China Glaze

You will also need either a foundation sponge or one of those foam eyeshadow brushes.  I opted for the eyeshadow brush, because I never use these for makeup and I thought the smaller sponge would be easier to work with.  But either will work, if you are using the foundation sponge, just use a corner.

Sponges for Gradient Nails

Then, you want to start by painting your nails with two coats of one of your selected polishes.  I personally like it best when the darkest colour is on the tip, so I painted my nails with Purple Panic (the pink).

Neon Pink Nail Polish

Wait until dry.  (Thankfully neon colours dry super fast, so I didn’t really have to wait at all.)  Your next step is to take your second nail polish and deposit a bit of it on a piece of paper.

Flying Dragon by China Glaze

Then, using your sponge dip the tip into the polish.  Dab the sponge off onto the paper a little so you don’t have too much polish on there and carefully dab the sponge onto the top half of your nail.  Concentrate on getting the most coverage at the tip.

Pink and Purple Gradient Nails Tutorial

Repeat for all your nails.  After one coat of sponging your nails should look something like this.

Gradient Nails Tutorial

Once they are mostly dry, repeat the process, but only sponge the tips of your nails this time.  You want to make the tips nice and dark, filling them in so you can’t see any of the pink.

Tutorial for Gradient Nails

Make sure you get the sides/corners of your nails.  You will really have to get the sponge in there, likely creating a mess all over your skin.  But don’t worry, that is the easiest thing to clean up.

Gradient Nails How To

Tutorial for Gradient Nails

Take a Q-tip, dip it in your nail polish remover and take a minute to clean up your skin surrounding your nails.

Tutorial for Gradient Nails

At this point, your nails should have a nice gradient affect, fading from dark to light.

How To: Gradient Nails

If you want, you can stop here (although I would absolutely use a shiny top coat to finish off the look – which I have NOT done in these pictures).

Neon Gradient Nails

I found previously with my blue ombre nails that adding glitter really helped pull the look together, so I wanted to try that here too.

Using Orly’s Winter Wonderland (a clear/white glitter) I added a thin top coat to all of my nails.

Glitter Gradient Nails Tutorial

After this, my pink and purple glitter gradient nails were all done.

How To: Gradient NailsGradient Nails Tutorial

I would love to hear what you guys think!!  Have you already tried this nail technique?  Or do you think you will?

Pink and Purple Gradient Nails with Glitter

Thanks for reading everyone – hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!



Gradient Nails with Glitter

Bright Block Manicure

Neon Manicure

After my and Samira’s whirlwind visit, upon arriving home, I almost immediately got sick.  Feeling not so hot resulted in a lot of couch time.  I have a hard time just sitting and watching TV and not doing anything else at the same time.  So I decided to put some time in and create a manicure I really loved.  You might remember what happened, last time I was sick.  I created a very lengthy scotch tape manicure using my new Hunger Games colours…and although I loved the idea, I wasn’t crazy about the colours together when I finished…

So this time, I made sure I would love the finished result.  Best way to do that – GO BRIGHT!

First let’s look at the colours I used:

Bright Neon Polishes

From left to right: Purple Panic, Hi Def, Hook Up, In the Lime Light and Sexy in the City

I started out by painting my nails different colours.  You can see that I originally wasn’t planning on incorporating yellow into this manicure, but once I started making the blocks, I couldn’t resist.

Neon Green Nail PolishNeon Manicure

Use a fast drying top coat on your neon manicure and give it a couple of minutes to set.  (I have the best results using Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat)

From here, I simply started by creating one block on each finger until each finger had a contrasting block of colour.

Let’s take a look at creating blocks:

First, using clear scotch tape place a strip vertically on your nail.  Clear tape will work the best because you can make sure it is sealed nice and tight to help avoid any bleeding.

Scotch Tape Manicure

Then, using another piece of tape, place one horizontally on the same nail.

Block Nails Tutorial

Once your tape is on and you have a good seal, choose a contrasting colour and paint the exposed portion of the nail.

Neon Nail Tutorial

Once the exposed portion of the nail is filled in, you want to remove the tape before the polish is dry.  (This way when you lift up the tape, it won’t pull up the polish with it.)

Block Nail Tutorial

Your nail should like something like this when done your first block.  Be sure to use your fast drying top coat again and move onto your next nail.

After you have a few nails complete, your manicure should look something like this:

Bright Block Nails tutorial

I wanted to make sure my manicure had a “random” look, so I placed the blue block in different quadrants on each nail.

From this point, you simply repeat for each nail until you have four contrasting colour blocks on each finger nail.

Neon Block NailsBright Block Nails

I used Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat in between each colour to help speed up the process, but it still takes a long time.  Pop a movie in and you will be good to go! 😉

Neon Block NailsNeon Manicure

I have to say, that this is probably my most favourite manicure that I’ve ever done.  I can’t remember loving my nails this much, ever.  What is so cool about it too, is that you can really choose any colours you want.  You could even incorporate the ombre nail trend into your nails by using all shades from one colour if you wanted.  I’d love to hear what you guys think about this look and if you see yourself giving it a try!



Feeling Blue?

Blue Glitter Ombre Nails

Another nail trend that I have fallen in love with is the ombre nail trend where you pick nail polishes of one colour, but varying shades.  The goal is to be able to create a look that fades from light to dark or dark to light.

Multi-coloured nail art

I found that in my collection, I had the best range in blue, at least for shades that seemed to do an okay job of flowing together.  They aren’t perfect by any means, but they certainly get the point across for the purposes of this post.

To create this nail look I used the following nail polishes:

Different Blue Nail Polishes

Thumb – Electrick! by Del Sol (for those of you familiar with Del Sol nail polishes, you know they change colour in the sun, this one in particular would go a light pastel green…good thing I don’t plan to go outside in the snow)

Index Finger – Sexy in the City by China Glaze (gorgeous metallic colour with green and teal undertones in certain lights)

Middle Finger – Frostbite by China Glaze (absolutely stunning rich bright blue)

Ring Finger – Art You Blue? by Fingerpaints (mystical blueish-silver)

Pinky – Up All Night by China Glaze (very dark midnight blue – NOT black)

Electrick!, Sexy in the City, Frostbite, Art You Blue?, Up All Night

From Left to Right: Electrick!, Sexy in the City, Frostbite, Art You Blue?, Up All Night

Blue Ombre Nails

Multicoloured nail art

You can certainly stop here if you like.  But if your colours don’t flow as perfectly as you like, you can try adding a coat of glitter on top to really pull them together and create a bit more of a unified look while still keeping the unique ombre affect.  I loved the bright colours on their own, especially for the coming Spring, but there is something fun and wintery about adding the coat of glitter.  I really think it makes it look a little more season appropriate.

Blue Glitter Ombre Nails

What do you guys think – better before or after the coat of Winter Wonderland by Orly?

Looking forward to hearing what you guys think!

Thanks for reading!


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