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A Fruity Manicure

nail designs from the m55 plate (fruit designs)

Over the past few months I’ve had three posts about Konad Nail Stamping.  Not that long ago I had a mini-haul and got a bunch of new plates and some new Konad Special Nail Polishes.  From that haul, one of the plates I was dying to try was the m55 stamping plate with a bunch of fruit designs on it.  I thought this was just too cute and couldn’t pass it up when I saw it.  Wouldn’t you say that it’s the perfect time of year to be sporting fresh fruit on your finger tips!?!?

bright multi-fruit manicure (nail stamping using the m55 plate)

The m55 plate from Konad has the following nail designs:

  • a bunch of Grapes
  • a slice of Watermelon
  • a cluster of Blueberries
  • a couple of Strawberries
  • a slice of Citrus (could be lime, lemon or orange depending on the colour you choose to paint it)
  • and half a kiwi
nail designs from the m55 plate (fruit designs)

This was my first time using the nail stamping plates where I had to use multiple colours of nail polish on the same design.  I wasn’t sure how well that would work out…but it was surprisingly easy.

fruit nail designs (nail stamping, plate m55)

Want to know how??  Let’s get started with the picture tutorial!

  1. Select a base colour of nail varnish for your nails.  Because I knew I was going to do multi-coloured fruit, I chose to use a white nail polish so I could have a blank canvas.  After all, I wanted the focus of this manicure to be on the fruit, not the base.  For this step, I used Paper Mache nail polish from Fingerpaints (available at Sally Beauty Supply).white nail polish to use as a base
  2. Let your base colour dry completely!  If your nails aren’t completely dry, when you push down on your nail with the stamp you might smear your base.)
  3. Next, lay your plate flat on a piece of paper towel and be sure to have your scraper, stamper and a cotton ball ready (your cotton ball should have some nail polish remover on it).nail stamping tutorial
  4. Using your Konad Special Nail Polishes, paint the designs in the colours you want your fruit.  You can see my example picture here for the blueberry design:How to: Nail Stamping
  5. Next, you want to grab your scraper and hold it at a 45 degree angle to the plate.  Swiftly swipe the extra polish off the plate.  This will leave a little bit of polish in the grooves of the design leaving you something that looks like this: nail stamping tutorial
  6. Quickly press the stamp down onto the design, transferring the design to your stamp.nail stamping tutorial
  7. Now, you want to either press, or roll the stamp across the surface of your nail.  This will transfer the design from the stamp to your nail.blueberry nail art (m55 nail plate)
  8. Grab your cotton swab, wipe clean the scraper, stamp and nail plate.
  9. Repeat for all nails.
Fruit Nail Artfunky nail art

So tell me, what do you think of this Fruity Manicure???  Do you have a favourite Konad nail plate you like to use for stamping?

nail designs using the m55 plate (fruit)

Thanks for reading!


Please check out my full Konad Nail Tutorial here.

***Konad nail stamping products can be purchased on-line at Konad Nail Art and at Nail Polish Canada.***

Green, Black, Blue, White, Purple and Red Special Konad Nail Polishes

a NEON manicure for the TIGRESS in you

Animal Print Manicure

I love bright funky manicures and with the purchase of my new Konad Nail Plates, I couldn’t help but create something wild.

Neon Manicure with Zebra Print on top

What you’ll need:

konad nail stamping tutorial

  1. Nail lacquers to use as your base.  I chose to use three colours.

    Purple Panic, Solar Flare and Turned up Turquoise

    Purple Panic (neon) by China Glaze, Solar Flare by Nina Ultra PRO and Turned up Turquoise (neon) by China Glaze

  2. A nail lacquer thick enough to use for your pattern.  I am using Konad Special Polish in black.
  3. Your plate of choice.  I’m using M57, a konad nail plate featuring mainly animal print designs.
  4. The stamp.
  5. The scraper.
  6. Nail Polish remover.
  7. A couple of cotton balls and q-tips.

***If you don’t know of somewhere in your area that sells the stamp/scraper/plates/polishes you can purchase online from either www.nailpolishcanada.com or www.konadnailart.com.***

How To:

  • Paint your nails with your base colour(s).  I started out by doing a stripe down the centre of my nail in Solar Flare by Nina Ultra Pro (a very neon fluorescent yellow).  You don’t need to worry about how straight it is, because you will be going over the edges with your other shades. Solar Flare neon polish by nina ultra pro
  • Then add another colour to the outside of each finger nail. (Again, not the biggest deal if your lines aren’t perfectly straight.  Once you are completely done your manicure, the focus will be on the stripes, not how straight the lines are underneath.)neon striped nails
  • And then of course, take your third colour and add it to the inside of each finger nail.  At this point, your nails should be completely painted.  bright manicure
  • Next step is the stamping of your zebra print/tiger stripes on top.  For a full picture tutorial on nail stamping, please visit my post Konad Nail Stamping.  Lay your plate on a piece of paper towel. nail designs by Konad
  • Cover your design with your special Konad nail polish.  M57 konad plate
  • Use your scraper to clear off all of the extra polish.  how to get zebra nails
  • Press your stamp onto the plate design.  nail stamping tutorial
  • Roll the stamp onto your nail, transferring the design.nail stamping tutorial  If you have short nails like I do, the pattern will get all over your skin as well.  (Don’t worry, it is easy to clean off afterwards using a q-tip and some nail polish remover.)
  • Using a cotton ball with some nail polish remover on it, clean the plate, scraper and stamp before repeating for each nail.  (This might seem tedious, but I promise, it only takes about 10 minutes to stamp all of your nails.)
  • Once all of your nails are complete, clean up the skin surrounding your nails and apply a top coat.  I used Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. Animal Print Manicure how to get perfect zebra nails

This manicure is super bright and fun.  And I love the endless combinations with something like this.  You can change the colours underneath; how many you use, the direction you apply them…there is just so much you can do!  What do you guys think of the finished look?

Neon Manicure with zebra print



A Konad Nail Design

Stamping tutorial (konad nail art)

You might remember the Konad Nail Stamping Tutorial I did a couple of months ago showcasing my first look at the starter kit I purchased.  I enjoyed the product and the end result a lot.  It is such a fun, easy and quick way to do your nails!  Nail stamping allows you to be super creative with both colour and designs and presents endless opportunities to mix and match.  You never have to have the same manicure twice!

My only problem was that  my starter kit had no full nail designs or french tip designs.  So I made my way to one of the malls near here that I recently discovered had a kiosk with the Konad products.  Planning to just grab one or two plates, I caved and ended up grabbing a few things….

Konad Nail Stamping

I opted for a couple plates with full nail designs, a plate for just tips and a plate covered in fun summery fruit designs.  I also grabbed a few polishes to give me more options.  You need to use special nail polish for stamping, the majority of standard nail polishes out there aren’t thick enough and won’t work in the plates.  You can try it though if you want and you might get lucky with a couple of your shades.

Let’s take a quick look at my new plates:

Stamping plate with just tip designs

Full Nail Stamping Plate

Animal Print Plate

Stamping plate with fruit designs

I knew I was going to have a really hard time trying to pick, so I asked my husband what he thought I should do.  I expected him to say something about not caring….but instead he picked an image from plate M80 right away.  I asked what colours and he immediately said black with the design in white.  I couldn’t believe I’d actually gotten an opinion about my nails out of him…so I did exactly what he suggested. 🙂

What you’ll need:

Nail Stamping tutorial

  1. A nail lacquer to use as your base.  I used Liquid Vinyl (a very shiny black) by Orly.
  2. A nail lacquer thick enough to use for your pattern.  I am using Konad Special Polish in white.
  3. Your plate of choice.  I’m using M80, a konad nail plate.
  4. The stamp.
  5. The scraper.
  6. Nail Polish remover.
  7. A couple of cotton balls and q-tips.

***If you don’t know of somewhere in your area that sells the stamp/scraper/plates/polishes you can purchase online from either www.nailpolishcanada.com or www.konadnailart.com.***

How To:

  • Paint your nails with the base nail lacquer of your choice.  Do however many coats are required to reach an opaque look.  For me with Orly’s Liquid Vinyl, that meant two coats.  Don’t worry too much about the skin around your nails yet, we have to clean them up later anyways.Shiny Black Nail Polish
  • Taking your plate with the design you want, use your special nail polish and cover the design.How To: Konad Nail Stamping
  • Hold your scraper at a 45 degree angle to the plate and cleanly swipe away the polish.  (this will leave only a small amount of polish sitting inside the etched design)Konad Nail Tutorial
  • Very quickly, press your stamp down on the design.  You need to do this immediately after scraping!!  If you aren’t fast enough, only about half the design will make it to the stamp and make it unusable.  It should look nice and clean, like this:Design from plate M80 (Konad)
  • Then, simply roll the stamp over your nail, transferring the design to your nail.Stamping tutorial (konad nail art)
  • Using a cotton ball wet with nail polish remover, wipe the plate and scraper clean.
  • Repeat for all nails.M80 Konad Plate
  • Top coat to seal your design.  I used Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.Nail Stamping tutorial for konad nail stamping

Two things to note: 

  1. Depending on the design, if you have short(ish) nails like I do, it might be too large for your nail.   Simply roll it on however you like to get the placement you want.  Don’t worry about getting it on your skin.  If you pick at it right away, the skin of polish simply comes right off, or you can wait until the end and use a q-tip to clean up all of your fingers.Nail tutorial for stamping
  2. With a design like this, where you are trying to get all of your nails to look the same, it can be a bit challenging to master the stamp.  Don’t worry too much, I’m pretty sure you will be your biggest critic.nail stamping tutorial for plate m80
What do you think of this look?  Have you tried stamping?  Do you have a favourite plate?  I personally can’t wait to try the zebra print from plate M57!!
Konad Nail Art

For a look at some other plates and designs, please visit my first post on Konad Nail Stamping.

Thanks for reading!


Konad Nail Art

Water Marble: A Burst of Blue

Blue and White nail Marbling tutorial

Feeling like my nails have been neglected as of late, I decided to do a fun water marble last night.  But rather than just random patterns, I opted for a design that would allow me to get a similar look on each nail.

Using Sexy in the City (blue polish by China Glaze) and Paper Mache (white polish from Fingerpaints) I came up with this:

A Burst of Blue Water Marble

If Nail Marbling is something new for you, please check out my nail marbling introduction here complete with lots of photos.

  1. In order to recreate this look you will need: scotch tape, a cup of room temperature water, toothpicks, white nail polish and a second contrasting polish of your choice.
  2. Prep your nails with two coats of your white polish.
  3. Scotch tape around your nails to make your life easier later.
  4. Begin dropping your polish into the water, alternating white and your second colour.  Create a bullseye that looks something like this: Nail Marbling Tutorial
  5. Take a toothpick and create the design of your choice.  For my burst design, drag your toothpick in towards the centre, creating an almost flower like shape.  (If your centre gets super messy, take your toothpick and push it straight down into the centre and pull it back out, keeping your toothpick straight.  This will clean up your centre.)Nail marbling tutorial
  6. Now, with your nail parallel to the surface of the water, hovering over the very centre of your design, push it down into the water.  Then, using your toothpick clean up the rest of the polish from the surface of the water (leaving your finger submerged.)
  7. Once the surface of the water is clean, go ahead and bring your finger out of your water.
  8. Give your fingers a bit of time to dry before removing the tape.  I like to do a complete hand before I remove the tape. Blue and White nail Marbling tutorial
  9. Then, all you need to do is a little bit of clean up.  Using a q-tip and a touch of nail polish remover, clean up the areas that your tape didn’t protect.
  10. Viola!  A Burst of Blue manicure.


The Art of Nail Marbling

Nail marbling design

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!  And if you don’t celebrate Christmas than I hope you had a very merry whatever you celebrate.  🙂

About a week before Christmas my fiance was blindsided by his best man and a groomsman and whisked away to Vegas for a surprise bachelor party.  He thought they were going to Mt. Tremblant in Quebec for a fun, but simple get away.  He had an hour to repack his bag and they were off to the airport.  Pretty amazing of them!  And I couldn’t have been happier for him.  Having known about this all along, I made plans to head to Montreal and stay with the Best Man’s girlfriend.  It’s only a two hour drive from Ottawa, so I grabbed a girlfriend of my own and we were off to have a girls weekend.  For any guys reading this….no, we didn’t strip down and have a pillow fight in our underwear.  We did our nails, we went shopping, played with makeup, went out to a movie and we hung around playing Super Mario Bros.  (all fully dressed)

I brought my nail kit and the four of us girls marbled our nails.  Even though this technique is all over the internet and I mean ALL OVER, there are still people that haven’t heard of it or seen it before.

Nail Polish Collection

So needless to say the four of us girls had a lot of fun, made a mess and ended up with beautiful nails in the process.  Let me show you how to venture into the world of nail marbling.