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A red, white, blue and green nail marble

It had been far too long since I’d put any effort into how my nails looked.  So I decided to go all out and do a nail marble, instead of just painting them a single boring colour.

Depending on how familiar you are with Nail Marbling, you might want to first visit my full picture tutorial “The Art of Nail Marbling“.

I wasn’t actually blown away by how this manicure turned out.  I found it, just “okay”.  I blame it on my being rusty!  But I figured I’d still post about it and let you all take a peek anyway.

funky nails

To start out, I used a white basecoat: Paper Mache by Fingerpaints.  I did two coats and let dry.

White Nail Polish by Fingerpaints

Then I taped around each nail on one hand using scotch tape.

tape around your nails using scotch tape

For my marbling colours, I went with a green, red and blue nail polish – all from China Glaze.  (I’ve used these polishes multiple times for nail marbling and have never had any problems getting them to expand in the water.)

tutorial for nail marbling

I decided I wanted a lot of white in this manicure, so I alternated each colour with a drop of white in between (again, using Paper Mache nail lacquer by Fingerpaints as my white).   My bullseye pattern ended up looking like this:

water design in for nail marbling

Using a toothpick I created a design.

white, blue, red and green nail marble



A Fruity Manicure

nail designs from the m55 plate (fruit designs)

Over the past few months I’ve had three posts about Konad Nail Stamping.  Not that long ago I had a mini-haul and got a bunch of new plates and some new Konad Special Nail Polishes.  From that haul, one of the plates I was dying to try was the m55 stamping plate with a bunch of fruit designs on it.  I thought this was just too cute and couldn’t pass it up when I saw it.  Wouldn’t you say that it’s the perfect time of year to be sporting fresh fruit on your finger tips!?!?

bright multi-fruit manicure (nail stamping using the m55 plate)

The m55 plate from Konad has the following nail designs:

  • a bunch of Grapes
  • a slice of Watermelon
  • a cluster of Blueberries
  • a couple of Strawberries
  • a slice of Citrus (could be lime, lemon or orange depending on the colour you choose to paint it)
  • and half a kiwi
nail designs from the m55 plate (fruit designs)

This was my first time using the nail stamping plates where I had to use multiple colours of nail polish on the same design.  I wasn’t sure how well that would work out…but it was surprisingly easy.

fruit nail designs (nail stamping, plate m55)

Want to know how??  Let’s get started with the picture tutorial!

  1. Select a base colour of nail varnish for your nails.  Because I knew I was going to do multi-coloured fruit, I chose to use a white nail polish so I could have a blank canvas.  After all, I wanted the focus of this manicure to be on the fruit, not the base.  For this step, I used Paper Mache nail polish from Fingerpaints (available at Sally Beauty Supply).white nail polish to use as a base
  2. Let your base colour dry completely!  If your nails aren’t completely dry, when you push down on your nail with the stamp you might smear your base.)
  3. Next, lay your plate flat on a piece of paper towel and be sure to have your scraper, stamper and a cotton ball ready (your cotton ball should have some nail polish remover on it).nail stamping tutorial
  4. Using your Konad Special Nail Polishes, paint the designs in the colours you want your fruit.  You can see my example picture here for the blueberry design:How to: Nail Stamping
  5. Next, you want to grab your scraper and hold it at a 45 degree angle to the plate.  Swiftly swipe the extra polish off the plate.  This will leave a little bit of polish in the grooves of the design leaving you something that looks like this: nail stamping tutorial
  6. Quickly press the stamp down onto the design, transferring the design to your stamp.nail stamping tutorial
  7. Now, you want to either press, or roll the stamp across the surface of your nail.  This will transfer the design from the stamp to your nail.blueberry nail art (m55 nail plate)
  8. Grab your cotton swab, wipe clean the scraper, stamp and nail plate.
  9. Repeat for all nails.
Fruit Nail Artfunky nail art

So tell me, what do you think of this Fruity Manicure???  Do you have a favourite Konad nail plate you like to use for stamping?

nail designs using the m55 plate (fruit)

Thanks for reading!


Please check out my full Konad Nail Tutorial here.

***Konad nail stamping products can be purchased on-line at Konad Nail Art and at Nail Polish Canada.***

Green, Black, Blue, White, Purple and Red Special Konad Nail Polishes

Decades of Dysfunction and a Mysterious Curse (Swatches and Review)

Decades of Dysfunction and Mysterious Curse Nail Lacquers by Orly

Just a few days ago I was talking about the new Summer 2012 collections that are either out already/or are to be expected shortly for the big name nail polish brands…and today I made it to a Sally Beauty Supply store to see what had already hit the shelves in Canada.  Crackle Glitter was there, so was the new Fingerpaints Neon collection and both of Orly’s collections were already available too.  (China Glaze’s neon collection due to be released next month.)

With so many options and so many limited edition nail lacquers to choose from…it was not an easy decision.  I ended up grabbing two Orly nail lacquers from the limited edition Dark Shadows collection.

Orly Summer 2012 nail polish collections

Dark Shadows came out in theatres today May 11th, 2012 (starring Johnny Depp and directed by Tim Burton).

Dark Shadows, in theatres May 11th, 2012

This nail polish collection struck me as the most unique with a couple of colours that really drew me in.  I gravitated towards “Mysterious Curse” (second from the right) and “Decades of Dysfunction” (furthest right).

Orly's Limited Edition Dark Shadows Nail Polish Collection

Dark Shadows Collection by OrlyDark Shadows Nail Lacquer collection from Orly

Decades of Dysfunction is a beautiful milky, creamy shade with a subtle hint of pink. This shade is perfect for spring or summer.

And Mysterious Curse is one of those shades that looks different every time you see it.  Depending on how the light catches it, it could be blue or purple and sometimes you’ll even think you are seeing red.  Mysterious Curse is just a beautiful, rich, metallic shade that is a lovely addition to any nail addicts collection.

Decades of Dysfunction and Mysterious Curse nail polishes by Orly

Orly polishes are actually my favourite polishes.  At $6.99CAD at Sally Beauty Supply stores, they aren’t the least expensive option, but you also recieve 20% more per bottle than their competition (each bottle of Orly is 18ml).  Orly nail lacquers are always such an amazing texture and slide on so easily.  I even have a few polishes from over 12 years ago that still aren’t chunky and unusable, you’d never be able to tell their age (other than the very dated old style of bottle).  I’ve never needed to add my polish thinner to a bottle of Orly nail lacquer…and I think that is pretty damn awesome!  I do end up with a fair amount of China Glaze polishes in my collection as well, mainly because I find they have a more extensive range of colours than Orly.

These two polishes didn’t disappoint either.  I’m super happy with both shades and am glad, that with all of the options, I opted for Decades of Dysfunction and Mysterious Curse.  (If I have any regrets though, I am wishing I’d grabbed all four shades from the Dark Shadows collection, Buried Alive and Grave Mistake are gorgeous too!  I might need to head back.)

Now let’s take a look at my swatches and see just how many coats were required to reach an opaque affect.

Decades of Dysfunction and Mysterious Curse Nail Lacquers by Orly

One Coat of lacquer

Decades of Dysfunction and Mysterious Curse Nail Lacquers by Orly

Two coats of lacquer

Decades of Dysfunction and Mysterious Curse Nail Lacquers by Orly

Three coats of lacquer

I found that three coats was required for complete opaqueness.  But I was doing very thin coats so you could see a real difference as the coats build.  Generally I apply a heavier coat to start with and can get away with two coats, no matter the polish.  (But that is just me and I have bad habits!  LOL)

Decades of Dysfunction and Mysterious Curse Nail Lacquers by Orly - Reviews

I hope you enjoyed this mini review for these two polishes and consider giving them a try, I can’t imagine you being disappointed if you do!!

What do you think of these two shades?  Is there something else you can’t wait to get from the 2012 Summer Nail Polish Collections?



Summer 2012 Nail Polish Collections feat. China Glaze, Fingerpaints, OPI and Orly

China Glaze Crackle Glitter

Even though Spring has been fighting to make an appearance around here, the 2012 summer nail polish collections are starting to hit the shelves.

China Glaze has been releasing their Crackle Glitters collection this month, featuring four bright funky shades.  They are receiving fantastic reviews saying the glitter creates a much nicer look than standard creme crackles.  I must say I am excited to try them!

China Glaze Crackle Glitter

From left to right: Glam-More, Gleam Me Up, Jade D and Luminous Lavender

Hitting stores next month is their gorgeous Summer Neons collection.  Featuring 12 new shades!!

Summer 2012 Nail polish collection by China Glaze

Top Row: Love’s a Beach, Hang-ten Toes, Beach Cruise-R, Under the Boardwalk, Ride the Waves, Splish Splash
Bottom Row: I’m with the Lifeguard, Sun-Kissed, Orange you Hot?, Surfin for Boys, Flirty Tankini, Pink Plumeria

I am looking forward to seeing what these look like in store because I do already have some neon China Glaze polishes and I don’t want to double up if they are too similar.  There are some really beautiful shades in this collection though, I can’t wait for them to come out in Canada at the Sally Beauty Supply stores!

Summer Neons by China Glaze

Finger paints (a brand exclusive to Sally Beauty Supply)  is coming out with a collection of neons as well, featuring 7 new shades.

neon polishes by Fingerpaints

OPI is hitting the shelves this summer with two unique collections.  Minnie Mouse featuring gorgeous pinks and a beautiful top coat complete with hearts…

Minnie Mouse summer 2012 collection by OPI

…and Spiderman!

Spiderman Nail Polish collection for summer 2012

Orly has a couple of collections due out as well.  First they have their Dark Shadows collection in honour of the movie hitting theatres May 11 starring Johnny Depp.

Orly 2012 summer nail polishesOrly 2012 summer nail polishes

And to not miss out on the neon trend, they are also releasing their “Feel the Vibe” collection for the summer of 2012 as well.

Orly 2012 summer polish collection

So tell me, is there anything you absolutely can’t wait to have or perhaps something you have already ran out and purchased?

Isn’t summer the best!?!?!



Water Marble: A Burst of Blue

Blue and White nail Marbling tutorial

Feeling like my nails have been neglected as of late, I decided to do a fun water marble last night.  But rather than just random patterns, I opted for a design that would allow me to get a similar look on each nail.

Using Sexy in the City (blue polish by China Glaze) and Paper Mache (white polish from Fingerpaints) I came up with this:

A Burst of Blue Water Marble

If Nail Marbling is something new for you, please check out my nail marbling introduction here complete with lots of photos.

  1. In order to recreate this look you will need: scotch tape, a cup of room temperature water, toothpicks, white nail polish and a second contrasting polish of your choice.
  2. Prep your nails with two coats of your white polish.
  3. Scotch tape around your nails to make your life easier later.
  4. Begin dropping your polish into the water, alternating white and your second colour.  Create a bullseye that looks something like this: Nail Marbling Tutorial
  5. Take a toothpick and create the design of your choice.  For my burst design, drag your toothpick in towards the centre, creating an almost flower like shape.  (If your centre gets super messy, take your toothpick and push it straight down into the centre and pull it back out, keeping your toothpick straight.  This will clean up your centre.)Nail marbling tutorial
  6. Now, with your nail parallel to the surface of the water, hovering over the very centre of your design, push it down into the water.  Then, using your toothpick clean up the rest of the polish from the surface of the water (leaving your finger submerged.)
  7. Once the surface of the water is clean, go ahead and bring your finger out of your water.
  8. Give your fingers a bit of time to dry before removing the tape.  I like to do a complete hand before I remove the tape. Blue and White nail Marbling tutorial
  9. Then, all you need to do is a little bit of clean up.  Using a q-tip and a touch of nail polish remover, clean up the areas that your tape didn’t protect.
  10. Viola!  A Burst of Blue manicure.


February Nail Polish Haul with an Accent

Sweet Hook and Vintage Violet Nail Polishes

Over the last couple of weeks I have added to my nail polish collection a little bit.  Between a visit to Cosmoprof and Sally’s Beauty Supply it got a bit out of control.

Sweet Hook, Outta Bounds, Re-Fresh Mint, Electric Beat, Paper Chasing and Turquoise Shatter Nail Polish

Left to Right: Ice Pink, Totally Teal, Outta Bounds, Re-Fresh Mint, Electric Beat, Sweet Hook, Paper Chasing, Turquoise Shatter

I’ve had a chance to try out a few of the different colours already, but if there is a particular one you want to see in action, let me know and I can get some pictures up!

Light Minty Pastel Green Nail Polish

Re-Fresh Mint by China Glaze

Periwinkle Blue Nail Polish

Electric Beat by China Glaze (From their brand new Electropop Collection)

The popular nail trend of an “accent nail” is something I hand’t tried out at all yet, so I thought it was about time I did some experimenting.  My first trip on this adventure was adding some white China Glaze Crackle in Lightning Bolt to create an accent nail.  I thought this was sort of different and fun – my husband however hated it and said “It looks like a 2-year old did your nails.”  So I will let you be the judge!  (On a side note though, he hates Crackle polishes as a whole.)

Blue Nail Polish with White Crackle on Top

Electric Beat by China Glaze with an accent nail in Lightning Bolt Crackle by China Glaze

I wasn’t satisfied that the accent nail was a complete failure, despite my husbands “encouragement” and I decided to try it out with a different twist as well.  Take a look at Paper Chasing by China Glaze with Orly’s Winter Wonderland glitter polish as an accent.

Bright Green Nail Polish with Glitter on top

Paper Chasing by China Glaze with Accent Nail in Winter Wonderland by Orly

Bright Green Nail Polish with White Glitters on top

My last example of an accent nail might just be my favourite, but I can’t decide.  For this I used Sweet Hook on 4 of my fingers (also from China Glaze’s new Electropop Collection) and for my accent nail, I used Vintage Violet from Fingerpaints.

Sweet Hook and Vintage Violet Nail Polishes

Sweet Hook by China Glaze with an accent nail in Vintage Violet by Fingerpaints

Purple Manicure with accent nail

What I think is so cool too, is that the combinations are endless.  You can mix and match and take it one step further if you want by doing the coloured accent nail like above and then adding glitter to it, or a crackle nail polish!

What do you guys think?  Are you a fan of the accent nail trend?

Very interested in hearing your thoughts on this!