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Makeup Geek

Magnetic Makeup Palette

Marlena , the CEO and founder of Makeup Geek is well known for her wide range of makeup tutorials.  Ranging for both the beginner and advanced makeup geek, their site has something for everyone.  Back in the fall, they launched their own makeup line including a wide range of eyeshadow shades and brushes.  Many were compared and swatched next to MAC colours and listed as dupes.  I figured, for half the price of MAC (only $5.99/each), they would be worth a try, so I placed an order for 6 shadows and the makeup geek crease brush.  I ended up super happy with my purchase and decided to place another order this past February.  Only trouble was the second time around, my order never made it to me.  I followed up a couple of times with the Makeup Geek customer service team and once the maximum allotted time ran out, they offered to refund my money or to resend my order.  I definitely still wanted my items, so they sent out my order again.  About a week later, I received my order.  YAY!  Special thanks to Makeup Geek for replacing my lost order with no hassle!

Makeup Geek Store Purchase

So let’s take a closer look at what I picked up:

Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

Makeup Geek eyeshadows

The metal pans are all labelled on the back side, just like MAC.

Magnetic Makeup Palette

MUG Eyeshadow Swatches

I’ll see if I can incorporate some of these into a look soon so you can see these eyeshadows in action.  For starters, you can see Envy featured in a look here (the second one).

Makeup Geek Brushes

My experience so far with the Makeup Geek brushes is that they are super affordable and much better than your typical Wal-Mart or ELF brush.  I’ve had no issues with bristles falling out at all – the next time I want to refresh my brush collection, I will be turning to Makeup Geek because of their amazing prices for brushes.  The crease brush shown below was $4.89 and the bent liner brush a whopping $3.79.

Makeup Geek Crease Brush

Eye liner brush by Makeup Geek


The Makeup Geek Store also carries a couple of other brands including Make-up Designory, Palladio, NYX and Sugarpill.  At the time of my order, I didn’t think NYX was available in Canada, I had never seen it anywhere.  Upon further investigation though, I learned that this brand is available at Rexall PharmaPlus’ as well as Jean Coutu Pharmacies.  You won’t find this brand at Shoppers Drug Mart or Wal-Mart.

So let’s take a look at the NYX lipsticks I grabbed.  First off, I just want to say that I am so happy with these!  I love that I now know where I can buy them locally, so I can go and peruse the different colours.  NYX’s round lipstick is available in an unbelievable 126 shades!  I picked up Fig (a rosy-pink colour) and Margarita (a shimmery peachy-pink) and paid $3.99 for each.  They have a lovely creamy consistency and my lips continue to feel moisturised even throughout long extended use.

NYX's Round Lipsticks

Swatches of NYX Lipsticks

Margarita Lip Swatch

Margarita by NYX

Fig Lipstick Swatch

I also got a Cream Blush by NYX  in shade Boho Chic.  This is my first cream blush ever, in the past I’ve always resorted to the pressed powder style, or cheek stains.  But, one of my amazing friends Rachel swears by cream blushes, so I figured NYX’s Rouge Cream Blush for $5.99 would be a good one to start out with and widen my horizons.

Boho Chic Cream Blush by NYX

Cream Blush Swatch by NYX

Boho Chic Cream Blush Swatch by NYX (blended out on the right hand side)

Palladio Brow Gel

My eyebrows are super guilty of falling down moments after I’ve shaped them.  Clear brow gel is a complete and total life saver.  Being able to hold them in place is like a dream come true.  This brow gel is $5.89 and a staple in my makeup kit.  In addition to the spool that is used for the gel application, there are two other brush styles available here to help you shape and tame your brows, or even your lashes.

How do you hold your eyebrows in place?How do you shape your eyebrows?


Makeup Geek offers a wide range of Z-Palettes.  You can get them in different sizes and patterns.  The Z-Palettes are magnetized and perfect for your random eyeshadow pans.  Anything with a metal pan will stick right in here so you can keep everything together.  Nice and easy!  The see-through top is probably my favourite feature…you can see what is inside immediately.  Do you have any idea how much I wish you could see into the MAC palettes?  I have three identical ones and am always opening and closing them until I grab the right one (I guess it is time to label them on the outside somehow).

My palette featured here is size “large” (they also come in small and Pro size).  You can see how I just tossed them in here and the magnets hold them perfectly in place.

Small – $13.99

Large – $18.99

Pro – $27.99

Z-Palette, large zebra

There is actually a lot of space in the large Z Palette.  If you have a large amount you are trying to sneak in, you can really stuff them in here, all different shapes and sizes.  You can see I added a couple small Mary Kay eyeshadows in as well.  With the purchase of a large Z-Palette, you also receive a pack of metal stickers (in case your eyeshadows aren’t potted in a metal pan) so you can take advantage of this magnetic makeup palette.

Magnetic Makeup Palette

Makeup Geek offers international worldwide shipping and even some ready made value kits to save you money.  All orders are placed in American dollars and given the strength of the Canadian dollar right now, there is very little difference when your credit card is actually charged.  If this post has peaked your interest, please check out their site here www.makeupgeek.com

Happy shopping Makeup Geeks!

Thanks for reading,



A Special Green Showcase for St. Patrick’s Day

Bender, Cobra and Nice Stems Eyeshadow Swatches

With St. Patty’s Day just around the corner I felt it necessary to pull out everything green and showcase these products for you.  Some of the products you’ll have seen on here already, but now you can see them alongside all of their green counterparts.

Green eyeshadows, green eyeliners and green nail polishes

Given my huge range of green eyeshadows, I have very little in the way of green pigments.  The only ones I could even throw in here are from MAC’s Butterfly Party set.  Moss Garden and Rain Drop certainly have greenish blue tints so I decided to include them even if it was a bit of stretch.

Moss Garden and Rain Drop Pigment Swatches

For eyeliners I only have a few pencils that fall under the category of “greenish”:

  • Sephora’s 12HR Crayon Jumbo (waterproof) in green
  • Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner by MAC in Undercurrent
  • Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner by MAC in Black Line (because this is the first time I’ve shown this one, I wanted to show it both smudged and not smudged.  You can see when you blend it out a little bit, the gold and green flecks really start to show.  I love this one because it has a sort of khaki green tint to it.
Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner swatches

I also want to feature a palette I picked up back when the Wonder Woman collection hit the shelves a few months back in MAC stores.

You can create really beautiful soft and sultry smokey eyes with this palette between the soft minty green and harsh forest green shades.  This palette features 4 x full size MAC eyeshadows: Manila Paper, Valiant, Diana Undercover and Spinning Transformation.

Manila Paper, Valiant, Diana Undercover, Spinning Transformation Eyeshadow Swatches

I also have a Kat Von D True Romance Palette: Truth that fits half way into this theme.

I swatched the basic highlight shade from the palette (Sugar Skull), two apple greens (Long Distance and Snake Eyes) as well as the token cream shadow from the palette (Finland).

True Romance Palette - Truth Swatches

My Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV Palette has a couple of green shades worth posting about and my Too Faced Sweet Dreams Palette features one gorgeous green that had to be included as well.

Bender, Cobra and Nice Stems Eyeshadow Swatches

From the remainder of my collection, I have a number of “greenish” MAC shades as well as a couple of shades from Makeup Geek with quite the range of greens to choose from.

What green eyeshadow should I pick?

So after all of this, if you happen to be one of those people wondering what green eyeshadow to get, this post might be overwhelming with so many choices.  If green makeup is something new for you, I would suggest getting a nice vibrant shade and a nice dark rich shade to start out with.  This will allow you to create a green smokey eye, or to use them individually with more neutral shades that you are more comfortable with.

For the darker green, I would probably go with Humid by MAC or if you happen to have the Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV, consider yourself lucky because Bender is gorgeous!   For your vibrant shade Swimming eyeshadow by MAC is beautiful and goes gorgeous with browns if you want to just incorporate a little bit of colour into your makeup routine.  If you are feeling more adventurous Bio Green and Kelly are also wonderful, but they are from the MAC PRO collection and not available at all MAC stores.  Swimming was actually my first MAC eyeshadow purchase that wasn’t a neutral or a highlight.  You can see it here paired with Mulch (dark glittery brown) and Honeylust (medium golden brown) for a subtle pop of colour.

Swimming MAC eyeshadow look

And veering away from subtle, here is a dramatic and bold green eyeshadow look for St. Patty’s Day for the more adventurous.  This look is showcasing Kelly, Humid and Black Tied eyeshadows by MAC.

St. Patty's Day Eyemakeup Makeup

So tell me, will you be wearing green makeup this St. Patty’s Day?  What are your favourite green makeup products?

Thanks for reading!


A Look at Green eyeshadows

For Better or For Worse?

Envy and Retrospeck Eye Makeup

During my time off between Christmas and New Years I made my way to Sephora for my free wedding consult (I had a coupon to waive the $50 purchase).  So with a girlfriend in tow we headed downtown to see what look they would come up with.  To sum things up, I absolutely loved what Emily from Sephora did with my skin but I wasn’t sold 100% on the eyes.  I don’t own foundation and usually don’t wear anything on my face, and if I do it is a tinted moisturizer and a light powder.  So I didn’t want anything cakey, but I was looking for nice even coverage that would photograph well and last all day.