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A Brazilian Nail Marble

Blue Nail Marble

Samira’s visit from Brazil made nail marbling mandatory.  She had never tried it before, so we decided it was definitely time!  Her nails turned our really well for someone who had never done it before.  Let’s take a look at what she used:

Polishes for a blue nail marble

Frostbite and Electric Beat Nail Polishes by China Glaze

She started out by painting a white base using China Glaze’s White on White Nail Polish.

Nail marbling tutorial

Next step would be taping around your nails with scotch tape.  Once ready, you start dropping the polishes into the water, alternating colours and creating rings.

Blue Nail MarbleBlue Nail Marbling

Keep repeating this process until you have several rings and your water looks something like this:

Blue Nail Marbling

Then, using a toothpick, create a design in the water.

Blue Nail Marble

Once you have a design you are happy with, get ready to dunk your finger in.  If you want, feel free to dunk more than one finger at once.

Blue Nail MarblingNail Marbling Design, Light and Dark Blue

Repeat for all your fingers, remove the tape once dry and enjoy the finished look!

Frostbite Nail Polish by China GlazeLight and Dark Blue Nail Marbling

I thought she really did a fantastic job for her first try and she only had to redo one finger!  (Much better than my first attempt!)  She is definitely now an expert and can teach all of her friends back home in Brazil.