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Erase Paste by benefit (Before and After Pictures)

lightest shade of Erase Paste

Concealer is one of those steps that I generally cut out of my everyday makeup routine for work, simply because I never seem to have enough time in the morning.  But pretty much for any other occassion, if I am putting on a face, I am using a concealer.

I have horrid under-eye circles that like to sport a purplish tinge and I haven’t had the best success with drugstore concealers in the past.  So I picked up Erase Paste by benefit in shade “No. 1 Fair”.  I had high hopes for this product, given it’s price tag of $30 CAD ($26 USD).  So I decided to take some before and after pictures so you guys could see how it faired for yourselves.

benefit concealer - erase paste in "fair"

But first, let’s take a peek at what you receive when you purchase Erase Paste by benefit:

  • 4.4g (0.15 oz) Erase Paste in a very cute plastic pot
  • tiny spatula for scooping out the product
  • lesson guide to assist with application

You can purchase this product at Sephora (online or in-store).  In Canada, Shoppers Drug Mart also carries the benefit brand so you can pick it up there as well if that is more convenient for you.  You can also order internationally on benefit’s official site.

Erase Paste is described as a “brightening camouflage for eyes and face”.  “A concentrated creamy, blendable concealer for instant brightening.  Signs of stress & fatigue are a thing of the past with this innovative formula.”  It is available in 3 shades: fair, medium and deep.


I purchased “fair”, the lightest of the three shades.

lightest shade of Erase Paste

Lesson Guide

Instructions for using Erase Paste by Benefit

Step 1: Under eye concealing & brightening for dark circles

  • Use spatula to scoop out a tiny amount.  Place the paste on the back of your hand.  With your ring finger, take erase paste and make a dot on the inner and outer corners of the eye.  Delicately blend by following the arrows above.  For complete under eye concealing, connect the dots.

Step 2: “Marionette grooves” camouflage those shadow areas from nose to corners of the lip

  • Use the side of your finger to draw three “cat whisker” strokes in an up & outward motion across the shadowed grooves.  Blend lightly in soft, upward strokes with your fingertips.  Tip: run your fingertips under warm water to heat them up before blending.

Step 3: “X” markes the spot to conceal spot imperfections

  • For blemishes and spots of discoloration use the side of your finger to draw an “X” on top of the imperfection.  Pat & blend with your ring finger.  Tip: Apply 10% more erase paste than necessary – by the time you get to where you’re going, you’ll look perfect.

The Before and After Pictures using Erase Paste

I wanted to document my under-eye circles first hand and I figured for you to see this product in action, the best way would be to shoot some Before and After pictures.  I took pictures both in natural light as well as with flash.

First, let’s take a look at the BEFORE:

purple undereye circles

Under-eye Circles in natural light

purple under-eye circles without concealer

Under-eye Circles with flash

Now, let’s take a look at the AFTER:

Under-eye Circles in natural light, after using Erase Paste by benefit

undereye circles after using a concealer

Under-eye Circles with flash, after using Erase Paste by benefit

My thoughts:
Erase Paste by benefit is thick enough that it covers like a concealer, but is blendable like a foundation.  And because it is so thick, a little goes a long long way – you won’t need to replace/repurchase anytime soon.  The consistency is a touch oily, but I find this really helps with its blend-ability.  Any shine (like in the picture above using flash) disappears once you set your make-up with a powder, there is no shine at all in natural light.  And remember, Sephora has a 30 day return policy for any products you aren’t happy with.  So if you buy it and find it isn’t ideal for your skin, then simply return it.  No harm no foul.   The shade range is a little limited though with only three options.  The lightest shade has pink undertones which is good if you are cool toned, but if you are warm toned and are more used to yellow undertones, this might not be the product for you.  Best to try it out in store if you live close to a Sephora.  All in all though, it is a very versatile and easy to use product.  It proves to be long lasting throughout the day and this pot will last me forever it seems.  If you are in the market for a new concealer – give it a try, what have you got to lose?

Have you tried this product?  What did you think?  Do you have a favourite concealer that works wonders for you?