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Plum Fun

MAC Smokey Eye with Shale/Blackberry

Our friends were celebrating their engagement Saturday night (Big Congratulations!!) with their family and friends…no better time to get dressed up and play with some makeup!  I like this one a lot, it’s no wedding look, but it’s a lot of fun for the everyday and sooo easy.  A smokey plum eye goes great with every skin tone and hair color and looks beautiful whether young or mature. I actually did this exact look about a month ago on my fiance’s mother (minus the lashes).  It opened up her eyes in a big way and more importantly made her feel great.  I’m glad you loved it Cindy! Everyone else, let me know what you think!


I Do?

Brown MAC Smokey Eye

With the wedding less than three months away, the questions surrounding hair and makeup are creeping in closer.  One thing at a time though – makeup first.  I have stayed away from the insanely bright colors and have been experimenting with warmer options that are classic that won’t leave me wondering “What was I thinking!?!?!”

I have a couple looks to start with, and I’m not sure I’ve found “it” yet.  But let me know what you think and if you like one better than the other!


Colors of a Peacock

Peacock Eyes

Another set of bright colors.  Unfortunately for this one though the lighting was a little less than ideal, but I am sure you can get the idea.  This is what I used for this look:

Primer > Mary Kay Eye Primer

Shadow > MAC Swimming Eyeshadow (Green) blended into MAC’s Teal from their double feature duo and MAC’s Grape Pigment

Eyeliner > Blacktrack Fluidline by MAC