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Magnetix Nail Polish by China Glaze

Magnetix 3-in-1 Magnet by China Glaze

So, about a week and a half ago I picked up a couple colours from the new Magnetix collection from China Glaze.  I got to try them for the first time last night.

China Glaze Magnetic Nail Polishes

I got Pull Me Close and Cling On.  I’m sorry – but they came up with the cutest names ever for these Magnetic Nail Polishes.  So clever! (Okay, perhaps I just amuse easily.)

3 in 1 Magnet from China Glaze

For the month of March, Sally’s Beauty Supply store has a promotion where you buy two of the colours, you get the set of magnets for free.  So for $14, I got two polishes and the magnets.  More expensive than normal China Glaze, but certainly a different and unique result too.

The Instructions:

  1. If you are one of those people that like using a basecoat, this is your first step – GO!
  2. Apply one coat of Magnetix nail lacquer.  Let dry.
  3. Apply second coat of Magnetix nail lacquer.  Even though the instructions only tell you to do one coat, I find your colours are much more vibrant if you do two.  In the picture below, the nail on the left is with one coat, the nail on the right is with two coats.  You can really tell how sheer one coat is.How Many Coats should I use for Magnetix Nail Polish?
  4. Immediately hold magnet over damp nail.  Hold it close without touching your nail for 5-10 seconds.  You can see in the picture below that there are little ledges to rest on your finger to help you avoid smearing your wet nail all over the magnet surface.  What do the magnetix magnets look like?Magnet from China Glaze
  5. Once nails are dry add your top coat.  Enjoy!
*Keep magnet clean.  If you get nail polish on the surface of your magnet, wipe it off using nail polish remover right away.*

The Designs:

The China Glaze Magnetix 3-in-1 magnet is regularly sold separately.  But as I mentioned above, it is currently included at Sally’s with the purchase of two Magnetix Nail Polishes.

Magnetix 3-in-1 Magnet by China Glaze
You have the diagonal line magnet design:
3-in-1 Magnet for Magnetic Polishes
You have the star design:
3-in-1 Magnet from China Glaze
And then you have the arrow design:  (I would say this one was the design I had the hardest time getting to turn out nicely.  I think I need more practice!)
Magnet Set for China Glaze Polishes

Things I noticed:

  • I found it easiest to have the hand you are working on resting flat on a desk or table.  You are less likely to accidentally touch your wet nail with the surface of the magnet.
  • It takes some messing around to get the patterns to come out nice and clear.  I had a hard time getting the patterns to come through as clear as they show in pictures.  You have to hold the magnet as close as possible to the nail, without touching it and be fast!  Don’t dawdle getting the magnet over your damp nail.
  • Remember, all of these polishes can just be used as regular polish as well, so pick out a colour you’ll love for regular use too!
  • Keep in mind, the design sets into the polish as the nail dries.  If you pull off the magnet too soon, the nail polish will start bleeding back together and the definition in the design may blur.
  • To create different looks remember that you can rotate the magnet, you don’t need to use it the same way each time!
  • Lastly, if you screwed up a nail or aren’t crazy about how the pattern turned out, throw on another coat of polish and try again, it works like a charm.
Magnetix Nail Designs

If you are interested in the other Nail Polish Collections for Spring 2012, please click here.

September 16th, 2012 Edit: China Glaze has since come out with Magnetix II a collection featuring all new magnets and new polishes!  Check it out here.

Thanks for reading everyone – hope you have a great weekend!