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Polish Swatches

Color Club’s “Winter Affair” set of mini nail lacquers

Winter Affair Nail Polish Swatches

If you are still in need of stocking stuffers for that beauty lover on your list then this Color Club “Winter Affair” set of mini nail lacquers may be just what you need.

Winter Affair Color Club set

The Winter Affair nail lacquer set is made up of 3 beautiful shimmery polishes and a flakie top coat….and yes as the label suggests, they are scented!  This was the first time I’d ever noticed the brand “Color Club” at Sally Beauty Supply but had heard a lot about them on-line, so I was excited to pick up this set and give them a try.

Color Club 2012 Christmas Set

This set of minis from Color Club is currently available in stores for $6.99 US or $8.99 CAD.

These mini nail polishes didn’t state the actual shades on them anywhere, so I had to look them up on-line and found the following information.

"Winter Affair" Nail polish swatches by Color Club

“Berry and Bright” is the shimmering red and smells like…well…berries!  The scent could also be compared to sugar plums.  It is a very festive berry scent.

The green you see is “Ho-Ho-Holly” and to me, smelled exactly the way a pine or mistletoe candle would.

The shimmering blue nail polish is called “Gift of Sparkle”.  For some reason, depending on where you purchase this set “Gift of Sparkle” is actually a different colour.  Sally Beauty offers the blue and at other locations you might find a glitzy purple with the same name.  I can’t speak for the scent of the purple one, but the blue one smells like vanilla…but a very strong vanilla.

The flakie polish on the end is called “Snow-flakes” and is the only one from the set that isn’t scented.  When I saw this in the bottle, I was actually hoping it was  similar to Make a Spectacle from China Glaze’s Halloween collection, but it wasn’t anything like it.  The reflective nature of this polish is very subtle on the nail and much more pronounced in the bottle.  At certain angles you can’t see it at all, but if the light hits it just right, then you will see multiple shades reflected in these flakes.  I think next time I will actually try out this top coat with more than one coat and see how that changes things.  Regardless of my high hopes and slight disappointment, it is still pretty!

Snow-Flakes swatch by Color Club

The formula of these polishes was fantastic, not too thick and not to thin.  These pictures are actually all with just one coat if you can believe it!  So these polishes are perfect for when you are in a hurry and don’t have time to wait for 2-3 coats to dry.

Please note: I don’t recommend using multiple polishes for a manicure like I did here.  The mixing aromas was a little overpowering for me and I had to change this mani over to a single color mani.  But when I had on only “Berry and Bright” it was just a nice soft scent and very manageable.  If you have a sensitive nose though, these might be too much for you.

This was my first adventure into the world of scented nail polish and I haven’t made up my mind yet as to how I feel about it.  How about you?  Do you like scented nail polish and have a brand you turn to?

Thanks for reading!  Happy shopping for those of you that still have some left!


Mini Nail Lacquer gift set "Winter Affair" by Color Club

China Glaze’s Cirque du Soleil Collection feat. “It’s a Trap-Eze!”

Confetti nail polish by China Glaze, Cirque du Soleil collection

China Glaze’s Cirque du Soleil collection has been available in the US for a little while, but just recently hit the shelves in Canada.

Cirque du Soleil nail polish collection 2012

There are a lot of beautiful colours in this collection and they aren’t limiting this winter collection to muted or classic winter shades.  They’ve really gone out of their way to add some very fun and bright shades to help you cure the winter blues.

It’s A Trap-Eze!

Whirled Away

Escaping Reality

Surreal Appeal

Def Defying

Running In Circles

Hanging In The Balance

Water You Waiting For

Creative Fantasy

Bend Over Backwards

Igniting Love

Get Carried Away

Colour Palette courtesy of www.chinaglaze.com

I was hoping to get my hands on Creative Fantasy, Running in Circles and It’s a Trap-Eze!  But out of the two Sally Beauty Supply stores I went to, neither of them had any of the three shades out on display.  Only when I asked, was I lucky enough to find out that they had some “It’s a Trap-Eze!” tucked away in the back.  Not sure why that was the case, but I was glad I asked nonetheless.

So,  I wanted to share with you this very unique nail polish that I’ve just added to my collection.

Its a trapeze nail polish by China Glaze/confetti nail polish by China Glaze

It’s a Trap-Eze! reminds me of confetti, frosting and angel food cake all at the same time.  This nail polish truly looks delicious!

China Glaze confetti nail polish

It is made up of medium and small sized hexagon shaped glitters in a variety of fun, bright colours that are floating in a creamy, milky base.

China Glaze nail lacquer "It's a Trap-Eze!"

This is what two coats looks like:

swatch of Its a Trapeze nail polish by China Glaze

The creamy soft coloured base makes this mani perfect for winter and the holidays!

If my experience is any indication, this polish might be a hard polish to get in store and you might need to order it on-line if you want to ensure you don’t miss out.  If any one knows of any dupes to this, please be sure to comment below!

As for the formula, It’s a Trap-Eze! glides on very easily and you don’t have to fuss with the glitter at all to get an even distribution.  My only complaint with this polish is that I experienced minor chips along my tips after just a day and a half.  Within 3 days, almost every nail showed signs of wear.  So although, I love the polish, I wish it held up to the elements better.  That won’t stop me from wearing this unique polish though, it is just too fun to keep on a shelf.

Did you pick up any of these limited edition polishes from the China Glaze Cirque du Soleil collection?


Holiday Joy Collection: China Glaze 2012

China Glaze - Glitter All The Way Nail Polish - Holiday Joy 2012 Collection

The holidays are quickly approaching and the big nail polish brands are all coming out with their special collections and limited edition polishes.

China Glaze has a very pretty collection this year called “Holiday Joy”.  It is what you would expect, lots of reds and lots of glitzy glitters.  Here is a look at this years colour palette courtesy of chinaglaze.com

Merry Berry

Cranberry Splash

Red Satin

With Love

Pure Joy

Champagne Kisses

Winter Holly

Glitter All The Way

Angel Wings

Glistening Snow

Blue Bells Ring


There were two nail lacquers I was especially excited to get my hands on from this collection.  Angel Wings being one and Glitter All The Way being the other.  I still might break down and pick up a couple more…Merry Berry and Winter Holly are both so pretty!  *sigh*

For now, I just have the two, but I thought I would share my swatches of them with you anyway.

Angel Wings is a clear base polish packed with gold micro glitters and holographic micro glitters dispersed throughout it.

Holiday Joy 2012 Nail Polish Collection by China Glaze - "Angel Wings"

It’s a really pretty polish!  This lacquer offers that insanely sparkly glitzy look that is perfect for the holiday season.  With Angel Wings you can expect mostly opaque coverage after two coats, but will need three if you want complete coverage.  Like most glitter polishes, it will dry gritty and grainy to the touch, so you will most likely want a top coat.

I had a bit of a hard time capturing its true look on camera, so I’ve included both a swatch without flash and one with flash:

Angel Wings Nail Polish Swatch

Angel Wings swatch without flash

"Angel Wings" swatch, China Glaze Holiday Joy 2012 Collection

Angel Wings swatch with flash

Glitter All The Way quickly became one of my all-time favourite glitter polishes.  As you can see, it is super fun and uber colourful.  I had nothing even remotely like it in my collection.

China Glaze - Glitter All The Way Nail Polish - Holiday Joy 2012 Collection

This polish contains gold, red, purple and green glitters – all packed in a clear base.  The glitters themselves aren’t as fine as the ones in Angel Wings but they are by no means chunky or bulky.  Glitter All The Way will be opaque after 3 coats, or will serve as a very pretty top coat if you just want to add some glitz and glam to your already existing manicure (it looks very beautiful over any really dark polishes like black or vampy red).  I think it’s a perfect polish for this years holiday parties!

And for the sake of consistency I’m also sharing pictures of this one without flash and with flash:

"Glitter All The Way" nail polish swatch

Glitter All The Way swatch without flash

multi coloured nail polish (glitter)

Glitter All The Way swatch with flash

Which polishes and new collections have you most excited this year?  What polish will you be wearing to your holiday parties?


Del Sol: a nail polish that changes colour in the sun

Summer is the perfect time for bright colours, short shorts, sandals and a golden tan.  It is also the when you get to break out all of your fun nail polishes that just don’t suit fall or winter.  Del Sol Nail Polishes help you experience two colours at once in a super fun way.  They have a line of nail polishes that change colour in the sun.  I bought some last summer and really want to share them with you.

Spike, Electrik! and Sassy nail polishes by Del Sol

I purchased:

Spike – which changes from a light pastel metallic green to a dark pinkish purple metallic shade.

Electrik! – which changes from a metallic baby blue to the same metallic green that Spike starts out as

Sassy – which works for occasions where you want your indoor nails to be a little more neutral (perfect for work).  This polish changes from a light pastel pink to a richer medium metallic coral/pink.

Spike, Electrik! and Sassy nail polishes by Del Sol

There are 22 different combinations available at delsol.com and they also have over 100 store locations in 23 different countries worldwide. Del Sol also carries a variety of jewellery, clothing, hair clips and other accessories that change colour when outdoors soaking up at that Vitamin D.

I decided to showcase Spike for this post and I’ve taken a few progress shots in an attempt to show the polish making the change in the sun.

1. Inside:

"Spike" nail polish swatch
2. Just stepped outside and its starting to change:

colour changing nail polish (sun activated)

3. Fully changed in the sun:

sun activated nail polish

How fun is that?  It’s like having two different manicures at the same time.

Spike Nail Polish swatch by Del Sol

The Del Sol nail polishes in my experience are a really great consistency that make applying multiple coats quick and easy.  Although they are slightly sheerer than one might like (I do 2-3 quick coats), I find that it takes the same amount of time to paint your nails because you don’t have to worry about a goopy consistency when layering the polish.  They dry quite quickly and still glide on as smooth as the day I bought them.  These polishes leave your nails feeling soft, silky and with a shiny finish.

green nail polish by Del Sol

Has anyone else tried these?  Does anyone know of any other brands that have a line of polish that changes colour in the sun?

Thanks for reading!



Have a Heart

Flirty Tankini and Have a Heart nail polishes (how to make the perfect coral manicure)

After my “too dark for Spring” mani “Seduce Me“, I was ready for something bright, fun and refreshing.  I decided to go with a new neon I picked up from the China Glaze summer neon collection for 2012, “Flirty Tankini”.  This shade reminds me a bit of “Flip Flop Fantasy”, another neon by China Glaze (from their permanent collection).

Flirty Tankini is a super pretty coral neon with just the right amount of shimmer!

Flirty Tankini: indoors with flash

coral nail polish from China Glaze's 2012 neon collection for summer

Flirty Tankini: outdoors in natural daylight

I was dying to use my new top coat by Nicole that is a clear base with tiny little glitters and big chunky hearts (purchased at Wal-Mart for about $9).

Nicole by OPI - heart nail polish

If you are wanting a heart on each nail, be prepared to do some fishing to pull them out of the bottle.  It’s not overly convenient, but very much worth it in my opinion!

Nicole by OPI heart nail polish top coat

Because the hearts are so large, they will stick up off your nail a little bit.  Once I had them all in place, after about a minute I top coated again with this polish (avoiding the hearts) to help seal them into the manicure.  It really helped smooth out the texture on my nail and I’ve had no issues with any hearts falling off.

Have a heart nail polish from Nicole by OPI

Flirty Tankini and Have a Heart nail polishes

What do you think of this fun coral manicure?  Do you have a favourite from the China Glaze 2012 Summer Neon Collection?



Flirty Tankini and Have a Heart nail polishes (how to make the perfect coral manicure)

Seduce Me

china glaze nail polish swatch - seduce me

Just a quick post to rave about “Seduce Me”, my favourite nail polish at the moment.  It is a gorgeous creme shade from China Glaze’s permanent collection.  You can purchase it at sallybeauty.com (or in store), it should also be available anywhere else China Glaze polishes are sold (Cosmoprof, Nail Polish Canada, etc).

creme berry nail polish

I would say that the colour itself is best described as a creamy berry shade.  It is a deep rich berry pink/red with no shimmer or glitter.  (Imagine Sexy Silhouette, but as a creme polish.)  It is certainly a cool-toned colour, but given that it isn’t too dark or too bright, every skin tone should be able to pull this one off.

china glaze nail polish swatch - seduce me

What I love most about this shade is that the coverage is excellent.  You can almost get away with one coat, but in order to achieve a perfectly opaque and even look, you will need two.

creme berry polish

Even though this is probably a nail polish better suited for fall or winter I am absolutely in love with it and I don’t care what season we are in!  I love that it is bold, without being over the top – that is exactly what I want out of a versatile nail polish that is suitable for all occasions.

berry creme nail polish

What is your favourite nail polish right now that you can’t get enough of?



Decades of Dysfunction and a Mysterious Curse (Swatches and Review)

Decades of Dysfunction and Mysterious Curse Nail Lacquers by Orly

Just a few days ago I was talking about the new Summer 2012 collections that are either out already/or are to be expected shortly for the big name nail polish brands…and today I made it to a Sally Beauty Supply store to see what had already hit the shelves in Canada.  Crackle Glitter was there, so was the new Fingerpaints Neon collection and both of Orly’s collections were already available too.  (China Glaze’s neon collection due to be released next month.)

With so many options and so many limited edition nail lacquers to choose from…it was not an easy decision.  I ended up grabbing two Orly nail lacquers from the limited edition Dark Shadows collection.

Orly Summer 2012 nail polish collections

Dark Shadows came out in theatres today May 11th, 2012 (starring Johnny Depp and directed by Tim Burton).

Dark Shadows, in theatres May 11th, 2012

This nail polish collection struck me as the most unique with a couple of colours that really drew me in.  I gravitated towards “Mysterious Curse” (second from the right) and “Decades of Dysfunction” (furthest right).

Orly's Limited Edition Dark Shadows Nail Polish Collection

Dark Shadows Collection by OrlyDark Shadows Nail Lacquer collection from Orly

Decades of Dysfunction is a beautiful milky, creamy shade with a subtle hint of pink. This shade is perfect for spring or summer.

And Mysterious Curse is one of those shades that looks different every time you see it.  Depending on how the light catches it, it could be blue or purple and sometimes you’ll even think you are seeing red.  Mysterious Curse is just a beautiful, rich, metallic shade that is a lovely addition to any nail addicts collection.

Decades of Dysfunction and Mysterious Curse nail polishes by Orly

Orly polishes are actually my favourite polishes.  At $6.99CAD at Sally Beauty Supply stores, they aren’t the least expensive option, but you also recieve 20% more per bottle than their competition (each bottle of Orly is 18ml).  Orly nail lacquers are always such an amazing texture and slide on so easily.  I even have a few polishes from over 12 years ago that still aren’t chunky and unusable, you’d never be able to tell their age (other than the very dated old style of bottle).  I’ve never needed to add my polish thinner to a bottle of Orly nail lacquer…and I think that is pretty damn awesome!  I do end up with a fair amount of China Glaze polishes in my collection as well, mainly because I find they have a more extensive range of colours than Orly.

These two polishes didn’t disappoint either.  I’m super happy with both shades and am glad, that with all of the options, I opted for Decades of Dysfunction and Mysterious Curse.  (If I have any regrets though, I am wishing I’d grabbed all four shades from the Dark Shadows collection, Buried Alive and Grave Mistake are gorgeous too!  I might need to head back.)

Now let’s take a look at my swatches and see just how many coats were required to reach an opaque affect.

Decades of Dysfunction and Mysterious Curse Nail Lacquers by Orly

One Coat of lacquer

Decades of Dysfunction and Mysterious Curse Nail Lacquers by Orly

Two coats of lacquer

Decades of Dysfunction and Mysterious Curse Nail Lacquers by Orly

Three coats of lacquer

I found that three coats was required for complete opaqueness.  But I was doing very thin coats so you could see a real difference as the coats build.  Generally I apply a heavier coat to start with and can get away with two coats, no matter the polish.  (But that is just me and I have bad habits!  LOL)

Decades of Dysfunction and Mysterious Curse Nail Lacquers by Orly - Reviews

I hope you enjoyed this mini review for these two polishes and consider giving them a try, I can’t imagine you being disappointed if you do!!

What do you think of these two shades?  Is there something else you can’t wait to get from the 2012 Summer Nail Polish Collections?