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Jelly Sandwich

Jelly Sandwich Extravaganza with the Fall 2012 “Gloss” Collection by Zoya

green jelly sandwich nails, blue jelly sandwich nails

Jelly Sandwich nails are probably my most favourite manicures.  They are simple, pretty, easy to create and the longest lasting of any manicures I’ve had.

I only had one jelly polish and was having a hard time tracking them down.  So when I heard Zoya had come out with a fall collection featuring all jellies, I was excited.  I’ve never had a Zoya polish before as they aren’t the most accessible here in Canada, but I know how popular they are south of the border.

Gloss Collection - fall 2012 - Zoya

So I decided to grab this “Gloss” Collection from nailpolishcanada.com for $24.00.  You can also purchase it for the same price online at zoya.com (if you are in the US) or ebay/amazon.  They are sold everywhere for $8.00/each or $24.00 for the set.

Fall 2012 Gloss Collection by Zoya

This collection contains Katherine, Paloma and Frida – all beautiful jewel toned jelly polishes.  They are sheer, build-able and great for layering.


Katherine was the first shade that I tried.  It is a sheer, dark plum.

Katherine swatch - jelly polish by Zoya

One coat:

Katherine jelly polish - swatch and review

Four to Five coats are required to get mostly opaque coverage:

Katherine nail polish by Zoya - swatch and review

Using “Make a Spectacle” glitter polish from China Glaze’s new Halloween collection, I applied one top coat.

how to make jelly sandwich nails

Glitter nail polish from China Glaze 2012 Halloween Collection - "Make a Spectacle"

In order to make a jelly sandwich manicure, I added another layer of “Katherine” on top.  This gives the illusion that the glitter is floating inside the jelly polish, creating a cool 3D effect.  You can see the difference here, with and without the jelly polish on top:

what are jelly sandwich nails?

This mani ended up being a beautiful dark and vampy jelly sandwich.

dark and vampy jelly sandwich manicure


Paloma is a nice bright fuscia jelly lacquer.

One coat:

Paloma swatch - Zoya Gloss polish

Three to four coats:

"Paloma" by Zoya - nail polish swatch and review

*I found it was slightly less sheer than the other two in the collection and required less coats to reach an opaque look.*

For this jelly sandwich manicure, I also used “Make a Spectacle” glitter nail polish from China Glaze.

Zoya's "Paloma" and China Glaze's "Make a Spectacle"

jelly sandwich nails using "Paloma" by Zoya


Frida is my favourite polish from this Gloss collection.  It is a nice rich teal.  It is however the most sheer of the three.

One coat:

"Frida" review - nail polish by Zoya

Four to five coats:

"Frida" swatch - jelly nail polish by Zoya

To make this into a jelly sandwich manicure, I used “Mermaid Tale” by Orly.

polishes to make a green/teal jelly sandwich

teal jelly sandwich nails using "Frida" nail polish by Zoya

I really love all three of the shades in this collection and they are just perfect for this time of year.  No better time to sport jewel toned polishes!  They are gorgeous with or without the jelly sandwich, but I love the little bit of fun the glitter adds to each manicure.

Remember: Removing glitter nail polish doesn’t have to be a chore.  Check out my tutorial on removing glitter nail polish – the easy way!

What is your favourite polish this fall?  Do you have a favourite from this “Gloss” collection from Zoya?



jelly sandwich manicure using Frida and Mermaid Tale

Jelly Sandwich Nails

how to create jelly sandwich nails

A very popular nail trend right now is the Jelly Sandwich Manicure.  I’m seeing it everywhere and can’t help but think it is insanely cute.

What you need to create jelly sandwich nails:

  • 1 jelly nail polish
  • 1 glitter nail polish *personally I think the bigger the glitter, the cuter this look*

what you need for jelly sandwich nails

Jelly nail polishes aren’t the most common type of polish, but they are made to be layered (expect to use several coats).  They are sheer, ultra shiny and the colours will become more vibrant as you add more coats.  Jelly nail polishes are super nice to work with, they glide on easy, spread easily and you never have to worry about streaking or consistency problems.

The jelly sandwich manicure is when you use a jelly nail polish and layer glitter in between it.

How my first attempt turned out:

Jelly Sandwich nail tutorial

Confused?  Don’t be!

  1. Start out with a sheer jelly polish of your choice, I went with Loreal’s “Wishful Pinking” nail color.  It is a soft sheer baby pink.  Paint your nails with 3 coats (at least) of your jelly polish.  I used 4 coats to achieve the base colour I wanted (shown here): Pink Jelly Nail Polish
  2. Let them dry completely.
  3. Apply 1 coat of your glitter nail polish.  The important thing here is to select a glitter polish that has a clear base and only the glitter itself is coloured.    If you use just a standard glitter with a coloured base, it will just cover your jelly nail polish that you used as a base and you won’t even be able to see it.  Your jelly sandwich manicure is ruined!   I learned this the hard way, take a look at what happened when I tried to use Some Like It Haute by China Glaze.   how NOT to make jelly sandwich nailsFor my successful Jelly Sandwich, I used essie “Set in Stones” luxeffects nail polish, shown here: tutorial for jelly sandwich nails
  4. Once your glitter is set, go ahead and apply 1 coat of your jelly nail polish on top.  This creates the “sandwiched” look in your manicure (where the glitter looks like it is inside the jelly polish.)how to create jelly sandwich nails

What do you guys think?  Have you tried out this hot new nail trend already?  Or do you want to?

Personally, I can’t wait to go find some super giant glitter polishes.  Does anyone have a favourite that they recommend?

Tutorial for Jelly sandwich nails

Thanks for reading!



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