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How to get a full head of crimped hair (in 10 minutes or less)

hair after braids are taken out

I think a big part about being human is always wanting what we don’t have…and if we had that, we’d want something else.

I have always had bone straight hair…and my entire life, I yearned for curls.  So much so, that I begged my mother to let me have curly hair…I ended up with a perm from grades 1 to 6.  I was stylish. Period.

The girls who had naturally curly, beautiful, untameable hair, that always seemed to just fall into place so perfectly…wished they could have the straight and easy to manage mane.  The cycle went on and on.  To this day, I continue to meet unsatisfied people that aren’t happy with what they have been “blessed” with.

I have very straight hair and I almost never blow dry my hair.  I go out the door in the morning with wet hair and it dries perfectly straight.  Possibly best depicted here:

long dark brown hair

I still curl my hair often, when I want to get dolled up and feel pretty.  But whether I use a straightener, hot rollers or a rod, it is time consuming…and sometimes I just don’t have the time.  Best case scenario it takes 20 minutes to get curly locks with hair as long and as thick as mine…usually I need to commit at least half an hour.

So, knowing that, I want to share a favourite of mine…especially for this time of year.

In the evening, before bed (will work best with damp hair) quickly throw your hair into two braids (french or dutch) before going to sleep.  Give it a quick spritz of hairspray and conk right out for the night.  This shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes and that is with giving your arms a quick rest in between.  You don’t have to worry about having a perfect part or anything like that, afterall, you are just going to bed.

double dutch braids

When you wake up, simply take out the braids, give your hair another spritz with the hair spray and you are good to go all day with a look that has texture and volume.  My favourite part of all of this is – when you have that busy morning and you are trying to get ready for work or for school, your hair is already done and absolutely hassle free.  And you’ll have a fun, flirty hairstyle that lasts all day.

adding texture to bone straight hair

You can also get this look with your hair by using a triple barrel curling iron.  For hair my length and thickness, I believe the one and only time I did it, it took about an hour.  The end result looks so similar to the braided result, that I don’t feel it is ever worth the time.  Unless of course, you want that specific look and didn’t make the plan the night before to braid your hair.  Take a look at two pictures below, using the two separate methods.

Triple Barrel Curling Iron:

perfect crimped hair

1 hour styling time: using a triple barrel curling iron

2 French Braids:

hair after braids are taken out

10 minute styling time: going to bed the night before with two french braids

What do you think?  Do you see a big difference between the two methods?  What are your secrets for creating a quick hairstyle that adds some body and texture to your hair?