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to bang or not to bang

hairstyles with bangs to the eyebrows

Now, before everyone goes crazy thinking this post is about something it isn’t…let’s be clear that I’m referring to HAIR.

I have had long hair for as long as I can remember.  I think the last picture of me with hair shorter than my shoulders would’ve been at about 6 years old.  Bangs however are something I go back and forth with.  When I have them, I seem to find them more of an inconvenience than they are worth and once they’ve grown out…I want them again.  For a couple of months, I’ve been going around telling people “I think I’m going to get bangs again”.  But here I am still, no bangs.  I recently saw a post on a beauty blog, by a woman by the name of Danae, talking about different styles of bangs for different face shapes.  It inspired me to give this some extra thought and perhaps reach out to all my fellow bloggers and friends for some help with my dilemna…should I get bangs again??

Bangs really can and generally do change your entire look.  But the question is, is that a good thing?

hairstyle with bangs and long brown hair

I have a cow-lick right in the centre of my hairline where it meets my forehead…which results in the beautiful side swept bang being a sort of mini nightmare.  I can never get it to fall the way I want.  This also sometimes interferes with straight bangs as well, but never as severely in my experience.  So most recently (about 3 years ago), when I had bangs I had a straight bang to about my eyebrows.  The only trouble is, my hair grows so fast I can’t keep them at that “perfect” length for very long.  I would need to get them trimmed about every two weeks to keep them out of eyes.  But who has time to go to a salon that often…or rather…who makes time to do that?  So my dilemna always came from them getting too long and I would then pin them back and out of the way…which never resulted in a very attractive look.  As Danae reminded me, there are a bunch of people on youtube with tutorials in regards to cutting your own bangs.  I’m not saying I would just go into the bathroom right now and do it myself…but I would be more interested in the trimming/maintenance side of things.

So I rummaged through and found a few pictures of myself with bangs and some without.  Do you think they suit me, or do I look better without?


blunt bangs with long brown hair


long dark hair, no bangs

Let me know your thoughts – perhaps you can help get me off the fence!  Because right now, I can’t tell if I just want a change, or if I actually like the look of bangs.

Thank you in advance for your input – I welcome all kinds of feedback!