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Holiday Joy Collection: China Glaze 2012

China Glaze - Glitter All The Way Nail Polish - Holiday Joy 2012 Collection

The holidays are quickly approaching and the big nail polish brands are all coming out with their special collections and limited edition polishes.

China Glaze has a very pretty collection this year called “Holiday Joy”.  It is what you would expect, lots of reds and lots of glitzy glitters.  Here is a look at this years colour palette courtesy of chinaglaze.com

Merry Berry

Cranberry Splash

Red Satin

With Love

Pure Joy

Champagne Kisses

Winter Holly

Glitter All The Way

Angel Wings

Glistening Snow

Blue Bells Ring


There were two nail lacquers I was especially excited to get my hands on from this collection.  Angel Wings being one and Glitter All The Way being the other.  I still might break down and pick up a couple more…Merry Berry and Winter Holly are both so pretty!  *sigh*

For now, I just have the two, but I thought I would share my swatches of them with you anyway.

Angel Wings is a clear base polish packed with gold micro glitters and holographic micro glitters dispersed throughout it.

Holiday Joy 2012 Nail Polish Collection by China Glaze - "Angel Wings"

It’s a really pretty polish!  This lacquer offers that insanely sparkly glitzy look that is perfect for the holiday season.  With Angel Wings you can expect mostly opaque coverage after two coats, but will need three if you want complete coverage.  Like most glitter polishes, it will dry gritty and grainy to the touch, so you will most likely want a top coat.

I had a bit of a hard time capturing its true look on camera, so I’ve included both a swatch without flash and one with flash:

Angel Wings Nail Polish Swatch

Angel Wings swatch without flash

"Angel Wings" swatch, China Glaze Holiday Joy 2012 Collection

Angel Wings swatch with flash

Glitter All The Way quickly became one of my all-time favourite glitter polishes.  As you can see, it is super fun and uber colourful.  I had nothing even remotely like it in my collection.

China Glaze - Glitter All The Way Nail Polish - Holiday Joy 2012 Collection

This polish contains gold, red, purple and green glitters – all packed in a clear base.  The glitters themselves aren’t as fine as the ones in Angel Wings but they are by no means chunky or bulky.  Glitter All The Way will be opaque after 3 coats, or will serve as a very pretty top coat if you just want to add some glitz and glam to your already existing manicure (it looks very beautiful over any really dark polishes like black or vampy red).  I think it’s a perfect polish for this years holiday parties!

And for the sake of consistency I’m also sharing pictures of this one without flash and with flash:

"Glitter All The Way" nail polish swatch

Glitter All The Way swatch without flash

multi coloured nail polish (glitter)

Glitter All The Way swatch with flash

Which polishes and new collections have you most excited this year?  What polish will you be wearing to your holiday parties?


Four Seasons of Blogging

When I started Eyemasq last November, I had no idea that I would stick with “this blogging thing” for a full year, let alone enjoy it as much as I have.  

Fall in Ottawa

Autumn Fog in Ottawa

What I’ve found that I love most about blogging is that it serves as a journal of sorts for me.  It really gives me a chance to catalogue new experiences and forever have note of how I felt in those special moments.  I always find it especially interesting to go back and review old posts and see where my head was at months ago.

Emerald Green Wedding Dress at Outdoor Winter Wedding, Ottawa Canada

Winter Wedding in Ottawa

Over the past year I’ve been able to share some of my crazy travel experiences with you, my wonderful wedding, experimentations with makeup/nails and even my special visit with a long time penpal from Brazil that I had the pleasure of meeting in person for the first time.

Ottawa in the Spring

Samira at Stanley’s Maple Farm, Ottawa

So much has happened in the past 12 months and I’m thankful to have a small piece of it documented here in my little sanctuary.  And if anyone chooses to actually read it, then that is just a huge bonus for me!

Mont Royal Parc

Mont Royal, Quebec

I’m thrilled that I haven’t grown tired of this yet – because I still have what seems like a never-ending list of new things I want to post about and share with my readers (old and new).

Beautiful fall pictures

Autumn colours in Ottawa

It was our first snow fall of the season yesterday and I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by.  It feels like winter was just here and that I just wrote my first post.  I think seeing all of the snow really reminded me of how long I have been at this.

Horse drawn carriage, outdoor winter wedding

Horse Draw Carriage, Winter Wedding in Ottawa

So let me say a big THANK YOU to anyone who has ever taken a minute out of their busy lives to read my words here at Eyemasq!  Your encouraging responses and visits are what have kept me motivated to keep going this past year.  And I have special love for my fellow bloggers – you constantly inspire me to try new things and I learn so much from all of you, I don’t know what I would do without you all!!  

Sharing snip-its of my life here has been a true pleasure as I attempt to carve out a tiny piece of the world wide web for myself and I look forward to many more seasons with all of you.  ❤

Truly…thanks for reading!



My Birthday Makeup

black and silver smokey eye makeup look

So another year has come and gone and I am officially older!  I’m not sure where the time goes.  It was my 28th birthday last week and although I haven’t partaken in any big festivities to celebrate it since I was a kid, my husband still treated me with flowers and took me out for a lovely date night.

I absolutely love how bright the flowers are, they really helped brighten up our apartment this time of year seeing as the sun doesn’t like to help with that at the moment!  Aren’t they pretty?!

bright colourful flowers

For my makeup I wanted to experiment with some eyeshadow shades I haven’t tried before (other than swatching) and a method I’ve only done once.

The eyeshadow being Makeup Geek:

White Lies, Mercury, Galaxy and Corrupt eye shadow swatches by Makeup Geek

The method being scotch tape.  The first time I stuck scotch tape on my face was for my first attempt at an Arabic eye makeup look.  The tape serves the same purpose it would as if you were painting.  It stops the colours from spilling over where they aren’t wanted.  It creates a nice precise line with a clean, sharp, finished look.

I used it here with this look to create a dramatic and clean line on the outside edge of my eye makeup.

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow look, Corrupt, Galaxy, Mercury and White Lies eyeshadows

Wanting to know what I did?

black and silver smokey eye makeup look

  1. I like to start out with filling in my brows first to help frame the area.  For this I used “Spiked” brow pencil by MAC Cosmetics (a new addition to my collection).
  2. Prime your lid and all the way up through your crease to your brow.  I used Urban Decay’s Primer Potion.  Make sure you are always using some sort of primer as a base, whether you want a soft daytime look or something dramatic for evening.  It provides you long wear time and will help you avoid creasing.  Your shadows will also apply more vibrantly and stay true throughout the day/night, without “melting off”.  MAC Paint Pots or cream bases will work for this too (NYX’s eye pencil in Milk is one of the most popular drug store choices).
  3. Next, take a piece of tape (scotch, masking, painters, any will do) and get it in line with your lower lash line and where your eye brows end.  Press it down, making sure it is nice and smooth with a good seal.  It will take you a few minutes to get used to how this feels when you blink.
  4. Using a flat eye shadow brush, I dabbed on “Mercury” eyeshadow by Makeup Geek all over my lids, from the inside corner to the outside corner.  This is a nicely pigmented smooth basic silver.    While you have this colour out, take a small dome brush and go along the inner half of your lower lash line as well.  I actually really prefer this shadow to MAC’s “Forgery”.  I find that Mercury gives nicer coverage with less work and also seems to have a formula that feels less dry.  For this step, you can of course use any silver eyeshadow you want.
  5. Using a fluffy crease brush, start dusting a darker grey shadow throughout your crease, blending upwards.  Also be sure to hit the outside corner of your eye as well so you almost have a fading effect.  Using this same colour and a small dome brush, lightly smudge this along your lower lash line, the outside half only.  I used “Galaxy” by Makeup Geek as my gunmetal like shade.  It has a nice creamy formula too that glided on easily with no fuss.
  6. Then, using  the same fluffy crease brush, gently apply a touch of black eye shadow at the outside edge of your eye and throughout the outside half of your crease.  This will further intensify your look, creating a more dramatic effect.  I used “Corrupt” eye shadow by Makeup Geek.  This is a matte, true black.  It is heavily pigmented and very powerful.  A little goes a long way with this one!
  7. After brushing off all the black, I took that same fluffy brush and took “White Lies” which is a soft white matte eyeshadow from Makeup Geek’s collection and swept it along the top edge to soften the look slightly.  This also acted as my brow bone highlight.
  8. Now you are ready to pull that tape off!  If necessary, perform any clean up that the tape might have missed.
  9. For eye liner I used Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner in “Trooper” on my lid.  The felt tip on this makes it really easy to apply and wing out the edges.  On my waterline I opted for Makeup Forever’s Aqua Eyes waterproof liner in black.  For this, I applied it once to my waterline, let it sit for a couple of minutes and then went back in with the pencil again to make it more opaque.  Both of these eye liners are from my “Draw the Line” Sephora Favorites sampler that I am super in love with, its great value and you should check it out if you haven’t already.
  10. Finish the look with at least two coats of mascara.  I used Clinique’s Lash Doubling Mascara.
  11. (Optional) Add false eyelashes to your look.  I used “117” by Ardell along with the Duo eyelash glue that dries black.

makeup look using Makeup Geek Eyeshadows and scotch tape

What do you guys think of this makeup look?  And I’m curious if you have ever used tape when applying your makeup before?

Silver and black smokey eye makeup

Thanks for reading!!  Hope you all are having a great week so far! 🙂



P.S.  Isn’t my husband a good artist?  He quickly sketched my favourite animal at dinner.  I hope you all can tell what it is!   I liked it so much that I made him take a picture:

Dramatic Birthday Makeup

November 2012 Topbox

What I got in my November 2012 Topbox

After receiving my first Topbox last month and being a little disappointed, I wasn’t sure what to expect for this month.  Topbox customer service had assured everyone that it was going to be a great month, but I still didn’t want to get too excited in case I was setting myself up for a let down.

November Topbox

When I’d received the email saying it had been delivered, I ran right down to the mail box to get it.  It only took two days this time, instead of the 4 last month too, so that is always a bonus. 🙂

My husband was watching “Rumble in the Bronx” (an absolutely terrible Jackie Chan movie) in the living room in the dark, so I snuck in beside him on the sofa to open up my Topbox.  It felt very dramatic, because I couldn’t see anything when I pulled the cap off.  I reached in, pulled out my first item and………..was so freaking excited!

My first item was a deluxe perfume sample of Vera Wang’s “Lovestruck”.  At 4ml this generous sample is the perfect size.  I honestly never buy perfume because the bottles are so large and take absolutely forever to use up, I just can’t stand the same overpowering scent everyday.  So I always love receiving perfume samples because I can keep variety in my life and never get tired of a certain fragrance.  Lovestruck Floral Rush is a mainly floral scent, with soft hints of fruit and musk.  The 50ml full size of this product sells for $79.00, meaning this sample is valued at $6.32.  WIN!

perfume sample in November Topbox

I stuck my hand back inside and felt around….and thought to myself “is that a full-size nail polish?!?” as I pulled out “I’m Not Lion” from China Glaze’s On Safari Collection.  I was SO stoked about this.  There were two shades that I was really sad about missing out on from this collection this past fall.  One being Exotic Encounter (a jade creme) and I’m Not Lion, this stunning glitter!  I immediately started applying this one and ever since have been staring at the pretty glitter.  China Glaze nail lacquers sell at salons for $8.00-$12.00, but you can pick them up at Sally Beauty Supply stores for about $5-$6.  This polish however was limited edition and the best place to track it down now would be on Ebay if you are trying to find it.  WIN!

nail polish swatch of "I'm Not Lion" by China Glaze

At this point, I already felt like my Topbox was a winner, regardless of the next two items.  But I dove back in and was graced with another amazing item.  Out came a Pari Beauty Lip Paint in shade “Red”.  At 4ml, this is almost full size (5.5ml for $14), which makes this sample valued at $10.18.  I was excited to give this shade a go and see what the formula was like as I’ve never tried any of their products before.  So the day after receiving it, I promptly tried it out.  It went on creamy with great pigmentation and then proceeded to persist through my meals and look fabulous – no splotchy or patchy wear as the day went on.  We are talking, I didn’t even need to touch up after lunch…ummmn what?  AND it didn’t feel at all drying, which is a huge accomplishment this time of year when my lips tend to dry out very easily!  BIG WIN!

November Topbox lip sample

Pari Beauty Lip Paint in shade "Red" (swatch on lips

swatch of Red Pari Beauty Lip Paint

For my last item, I was sure it was going to be a dud.  But NO!  I was pleasantly surprised with a good sized mascara sample of “They’re Real!” by benefit.  I already have and love this mascara (follow this link for before and after pictures), so I will likely use it for an upcoming give-away   But I still absolutely love that it was something I knew would be put to good use and is a product I’m happy to have.  With the full size mascaras retailing for $29.00 this makes the value of this sample a whopping $9.67.  WIN!

November Topbox sample mascara

So if I total everything up, that means my samples are valued at about $32.00.  This Topbox only cost me $10.00 plus taxes.  Are you freaking kidding me?  What a great deal!  Thank you TOPBOX!

November Topbox

Given this amazing box I received for November 2012, I was definitely curious to see what other people got in their boxes and as I started snooping around, I was shocked to see so much variety.  Completely different items.  Looks like they really tailored the items to the individual’s beauty profile this month.  My box was labelled “Box 21” meaning there were at least 21 different boxes going out and there could’ve been more.  I really think that is fantastic!

Please note: Starting December 2012, they are increasing their price to $12.00 plus taxes (shipping is still free).  I want you all to know that I feel no bitterness surrounding this price increase.  When they started out a year ago, they only had products from 6 brands, now they have working relationships with over 40.  Their customer service is fantastic too!  They are quick to respond to your inquiries and are continually seeking feedback so they can make sure they are going in the right direction.  If you are interested in becoming a Topbox subscriber, you can join the waiting list here.

Topbox November 2012 - Box 21

Hope you guys found this interesting!  And if you are one of my Canadian readers and are trying to decide whether you should sign up or not, leave your questions/concerns below and I will answer them to the best of my ability and try to help you get off the fence.

If you are already a subscriber of Topbox beauty boxes, let me know how this compares to your beauty box and what you thought of Topbox November 2012!

Thanks for reading 🙂



Eye Catchers 6-piece SmolderEYES set by tarte

Tarte Eyeliner set for Christmas 2012

I am really excited about this post today!  When one of my girlfriend’s was visiting from Montreal we decided to go shopping…and of course wandered into our closest Sephora.  With all of the new holiday sets and palettes out, we spent quite a while exploring and trying to track down our best options and narrow down what we “needed”.  This set however, is something that neither of us could resist and we both ended up purchasing it.  I hope she is loving it as much as I am!!

Ash Violet, Rainforest Black, Champagne, Gunmetal, Gold and Onyx set, photos, review and swatches

This Eye Catcher 6-piece SmolderEYES set by tarte is limited edition, for the holiday season.  This 2012 collection contains 5 SmolderEYES Amazonian Clay Waterproof Liners (complete with sharpener) and 1 Skinny SmolderEYES Amazonian Clay Waterproof Liner in Onyx (a very intense, deep, true black).

Ash Violet, Rainforest Black, Champagne, Gunmetal, Gold, Onyx pencils by Tarte

*click to enlarge

The 5 Jumbo shades are currently not available for purchase outside of this set.

  • Ash Violet is a sultry metallic purple
  • Rainforest Black is a nice deep dark teal
  • Champagne is a lovely shimmery highlight
  • Gunmetal is a dark grey/silver with purple undertones (like a shimmery mauve)
  • Gold is a true metallic gold shade
swatches of Ash Violet, Rainforest Black, Champagne, Gunmetal, Gold and Onyx SmolderEYES pencils by Tarte

*click to enlarge

This SmolderEYES set is available at Sephora, as well as online through tarte’s website.  To me, this set just screamed value.  This line of waterproof pencils sell for $33.00 CAD/each or $25.00 US/each (slightly less for the skinny).  This entire set retails for $51.00 CAD (a $187.00 value) or $39.00 US (a $144.00 value).  So really, if two of the colours are something you want, then it really pays for itself quickly.  (I know, I know, this sounds like a makeup addicts logic!)

I love tarte products and always find them to be high quality.  They have great pigmentation and this set in particular offers a nice variety of very unique shades.  These SmolderEYES waterproof pencils are especially awesome because of their versatility.  You can use them as either a liner, an eyeshadow, or simply an all over base for your shadow.  They have built in smudgers so you can really use this set however you like.  You can blend the shades together, or use them on their own.  You really do have a tonne of options with a set like this.

The swatches above are a couple generous strokes with each colour, but if you want to use a lighter hand, you can get yourself a thinner line, which will work well if you want to slightly smudge them out for a softer look like I have below:

swatches of Ash Violet, Rainforest Black, Champagne, Gunmetal, Gold and Onyx SmolderEYES pencils by Tarte

*click to enlarge

Because these waterproof eye liners are made with Amazonian Clay they are good for the delicate skin around your eyes as they are both nourishing and hydrating.  You don’t have to worry if you have oily eyelids either.  Their waterproof formula means they won’t budge or smear and will last all day.  But, this also means, when you first apply them you don’t have very long to smudge them out, so hurry!

My favourite part about these is actually how super creamy the formula is.  They glide on very gently and easily, almost melting onto your skin.  This means you won’t need to tug at your skin to get a smooth clean line.

Here is a 5-minute face I did for work using Rainforest Black on the top lash line and Ash Violet on the bottom:

Rainforest Black and Ash Violet  SmolderEYES swatches

At just $8.50 a pencil (or $6.50 for you readers south of the border) I really see this set as a great deal and think it would make a perfect gift for that makeup lover on your list or a perfect addition to your own collection.

What holiday sets are you most excited for this year?  What ones already made you cave?



Tarte Eyeliner set for Christmas 2012


Sephora by OPI nail glitter swatch in purple

Quite a while ago I purchased some nail glitter made by Sephora by OPI.  It was on clearance for $3.00 so I figured I had to try it.  From what I can tell, they don’t have them any more.  But I have seen this product at local drug stores, made by other brands such as Smashbox and Quo.  So it shouldn’t be difficult to find something like it if it looks like your cup of tea.

Nail Glitter, Sephora by OPI

It was very easy to use and I had my full mani done in less than five minutes.  I do have to warn you though, this glitter, like all glitter, makes a mess.  It gets everywhere!  I laid paper towel down which caught most of it, but it was all over my hands and subsequently everything and anything I touched thereafter.

How do you use it?

how to apply nail glitter

You simply paint your nail with one coat of nail lacquer and then dunk your nail face down in the container of glitter.  When you pull it out, the glitter will be stuck to the polish.  The excess glitter on your skin brushes off easily with the brush of a finger tip (but it will now be everywhere lol).  I think a damp cloth would’ve been better as it would’ve picked up the glitter instead of sliding it around or transferring it somewhere else.

nail glitter, Sephora by OPI


Repeat for all fingers and then seal with a top coat.

Once your top coat has completely dried, you can give your hands a wash to get the remaining excess glitter off.

***I recommend not using your favourite topcoat.  You are bound to get a small amount of glitter in your topcoat.***

Because this was my first time using this product, I wanted to test something out.  I was curious how heavy the coverage was and if it mattered what shade of polish you used underneath.  So I did two fingers with white and two with dark purple to match the glitter.  You can see here that the nails with the white are certainly a bit lighter in colour.  The nails I used the purple for have a deeper and more vibrant look.  I definitely recommending using either the same colour as the glitter you are using, or slightly darker, in this case a black would also work.  This will ensure your nails wear nicer as the excess falls off and any missed or imperfect areas will be less noticeable.  

nail glitter tutorial, how to apply

How long did it last?

As far as the actual manicure itself, it held up better than I expected, but still showed tip wear after 24 hours.  Keep in mind though, I was fussing with them more than normal.  The texture of this manicure is very gritty and they look crazy intense – so I couldn’t stop messing with them!  With that being said though, this manicure will likely only last you 2-4 days.  So keep that in mind when giving this a go.  They are super fun for a special occasion, but given how long it lasted me, its not something I would do all that often because I don’t change my nails that frequently if I can help it.

Is it hard to Remove?

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I went to take this off.  I couldn’t tell if it was going to chip off, slide off nice and easy or require my foil fingertips like actual glitter nail lacquer.  But it was really quite easy, for the most part, it came off just like regular nail lacquer would, plus some dry glitter transferring around.

Have you already tried out this style of manicure?  What did you think?



Draw the Line: Sephora Favorites Eyeliner Sampler

"Draw The Line" eye liner starter kit

Well, I’m sure this post isn’t coming as a shocker to any of you.  I’ve always been a sucker for value sets, gifts with purchases and the Sephora Favorite samplers.

Draw the Line is the 2012 eyeliner sampler from Sephora featuring 3 full size products and 3 deluxe minis.

"Draw The Line" eye liner starter kit

This set allows you to “Flick, drag, sweep, or smudge with cream, liquid or pencil.  Create countless looks with this essential black eyeliner kit.”  Available on-line or in-store this set retails for $28.00 US ($82.00 value) or $34.00 CAD ($98.00 value).

I was really excited when I saw this eyeliner sampler.  I’ve been on the hunt for a new liquid eyeliner (felt tip) as well as something that will work on my waterline.  As lovely as MAC’s fluidline glides across your lid, it has never worked well on my waterline.  In under an hour after application I will have little chunks flaking off and creating a mess under my eyes.  So now, I have a new gel liner (that is actually waterproof) as well as a couple of waterproof pencils I can put to the test.

Sephora Favorites eye liner kit

Let’s take a closer look at the products inside:

  • Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner in “Midnight Black”.  Smashbox cream liner review and swatchAt 3.4g/12oz this is one of the three full size products.  A cream eye liner like this is the favourite of many, it offers a similar look to a crisp liquid liner, but is easier to apply.  It does require an eyeliner brush though, which is not included.  Sold individually, this product would be $22.00 US or $27.00 CAD.  7 different shades available on-line or in-store.
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Waterpoof Liquid Eyeliner in shade “Perversion”.  Urban Decay 24/7 swatch and review of their liquid eyelinerAt 1.7ml this is the second of the full size products.  It is a classic liquid eye liner brush, not a felt tip applicator.  If you have a steady hand you can create gorgeous precise lines with this one.  This product, when sold individually is $19.00 US or $23.00 CAD.    11 different shades available on-line or in-store for this cult favorite.  And after just two products in , we’ve already blown the cost of this sampler set out of the water.  I love a good deal!
  • Sephora Collection’s Waterproof Retractable Eyeliner in shade “09 Glitter Black” is the last of the three full size products at 0.31g.  Sephora eyeliner reviews and swatchesIt is a vibrant black with tiny silver specks of glitter.  It comes with a smudger on the bottom end as well  if you are going for a more blended effect.  This one is available in a mere 22 shades and can be purchased on-line or in-store for $12.00 US or $16.00 CAD.
  • Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner in shade “Trooper”.  review of Kat Von D's tattoo linerThis was the first product I reached for when I took off the plastic.  The felt tip pen makes drawing on perfect lines quick and easy.  The super fine tip makes any touch ups a breeze.  This water resistant product is designed for application on the face and the body.  The full size product is approximately 3 times the size of this deluxe sample and retails for $18.00 US or $22.00 CAD.  You can purchase here or in-store and choose from 5 different shades.
  • Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil is a favorite amongst beauty addicts and make up artists alike.  MUFE Aqua Eyes swatch and reviewThis award winning product also doubles as a vibrant eye shadow.  I was excited to try this matte black liner on my waterline and I’ve got to say it held up very well, with almost no signs of wear after several hours.  Aqua eyes full size pencils retail for $18.00 US or $20.00 CAD and come in 25 different colors.  
  • Buxom Insider Eyeliner in “Black Jasper” is a black metallic, retractable, velvety liner.perfect eyeliner for waterline and tightliningIts gentle design is tailored for application of  the inner rims of your eyes.  This liner contains antioxidants and vitamins to protect this delicate area.  (I know, I know, I should’ve read this and tried this one first!) It is definitely next on my list to try out on my waterline.  I might even try tight-lining for the first time!  It makes it sound like such a lovely prospect!  The full size Buxom Insider eyeliners can be purchased on-line and in-store for $14.00 US and $18.00 CAD. 8 shades give you some affordable options if you are wanting to pick this up.

I’ve swatched them all next to each other here so you can see the differences in opacity and thickness:

(click to enlarge)

Black Eyeliner swatches

I really am so impressed with the value of this set.  For a bunch of black eyeliners…you really do get the best of everything.  You have a wide variety of products with unique purposes…and you can’t beat the price no matter how you look at it.

What is your favorite black eyeliner that you can’t live without?  Every girl has got to have at least one!



I have full swatches of their lip sampler “Give Me Some Lip” as well for anyone interested.