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My First Topbox

What is Topbox?

Topbox is a Canadian beauty box where you spend $10/month and they mail beauty samples to your door.  Shipping is included (taxes are extra) and you can have your beautiful little package shipped anywhere you like.  Your subscription automatically renews on a month to month basis, so as long as you are happy with it they will continue to send you little “presents” every month. I’m not sure about you guys, but I absolutely LOVE getting mail…and packages are the BEST kind of mail.  It makes me so happy when a little box filled with fun beauty products arrives…which is even cooler when you have no idea what to expect.

More About Topbox

You fill out a beauty profile on-line in regards to hair colour/length, skin colour, eye colour, etc so that they can customize your box every month to best suit YOU.  Topbox offers you these beauty boxes, with a super wide variety of brands:

  • benefit
  • MUFE
  • China Glaze
  • Pari Beauty
  • Yves Saint Laurent
  • Stila
  • Deborah Lippman
  • Lise Watier

…just to name a few!  For a complete list, check out their website here. What is also great is that they even offer discounts on full size products from these brands as well.  So if after you’ve tried out a sample and you are absolutely in love with it, you should be able to pick up the full-size at a good price.

How do I get a Topbox?

The big draw back?  Topbox has a waiting list of several months.  I signed up middle of April and am just now getting my first box now, in October.  So, my recommendation is, if this interests you at all, go ahead and sign up (you don’t pay anything now) and if you change your mind by the time you reach the top of the list, you can just withdraw, easy as that.  They don’t start your subscription until you confirm you’d like to proceed. If you want to sign up, you can join here on their website simply by using an email address and creating a password.  It will show as “sold out” but you will get an email telling you that you have joined the waiting list.  Then you can check out what I am receiving every month and decide if Topbox is for you.

Where does my Topbox ship from?  How is it shipped?

where does Topbox ship from?

Topboxes ship from the Toronto area via Canada Post, so if you are located in Ontario you should receive your Topbox in 2-3 days, but if you are on the west coast, you could be waiting up to 5 business days.  They are a cylindrical box wrapped in brown paper.  The packages are small enough that they fit right in your little mail slot, so you don’t have to worry about being home to receive it!

The actual box itself is a cardboard tube wrapped in decorative paper with two hard plastic stoppers as ends.  Definitely reusable in my opinion.  I’m sure I can find something to store in these!

my very first Topbox - a review

My October Topbox

So, after waiting 6 months, I received my first Topbox.  The four samples come complete with a description card detailing what is inside your Topbox, where you can buy the products and what they retail for.  Here is mine:

(click to enlarge)

Topbox review

My samples:

October Topbox contents - review and unboxing


This is a two part sample.  The radiance eye contour comes in a sample size of 3ml.  It is designed to correct and brighten the eye contour area.  Full size retails at $72.50, which makes this sample valued at $14.50.

Endocare tensage radiance contour and ampoules

The ampoules (vials inside the boxes) are an intensive anti-aging regeneration serum for all skin types (to be applied to face and neck after cleansing).  These two samples (2ml total) are valued at $16.86 given that 7ml retails for $59.00.

This sample set is great value, but I need to actually use it in order to benefit!

Masker Aide

Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask.  Full size sample, retails for $4.99/mask.

Said to “awaken, refresh and replenish your skin.  The cooling effects of the mask will help de-puff and awaken your eyes, while natural Peppermint Oil awakens your senses.”

All Nighter Facial Sheet Mask by Masker AideMasker Aide All Nighter Mask from Topbox

This, I will absolutely be using and am excited to try out!

Stila Eye Shadow Palette

paper makeup palette from Topbox

This paper palette features 10 different shades by Stila from their “in the light” palette.

(click to enlarge picture so you can see recommend looks from Stila)

"in the light" palette by Stila

The full size product is 14g, sells for $50.00 CAD and comes with a full size eye liner.  There is no measurement anywhere on this sample pertaining to weight or volume, so it is impossible for a value to be calculated.

Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator 

Vasanti BrightenUp! sample from Topbox

Said to “Dramatically improve your skin’s texture to reveal softer, brighter and younger looking skin!  Enriched with powerful papaya enzymes, micro-crystals and aloe to exfoliate, gently cleanse and add radiance.”

The full size product retails for $34.00 which gives this sample an estimated value of $5.67.

I am personally currently in love with my Lancome “Pure Focus” Facial Scrub, but am sure when I run out, I will give this a try…mostly because I love using up product I have laying around.  I try not to be overly wasteful.

My first thoughts

I’ve got to say that I was a little disappointed, after the big long wait.  I know with beauty boxes like this, that you usually get some things you wouldn’t normally pick out (that is part of the fun!), but generally speaking, you should get one thing you are super excited about as soon as you lay eyes on it…I can’t say that I did.  I was all pumped up after months of hype and was kind of let down.  But who knows, perhaps I will fall in love with one of the skin care products…  The Stila eye shadow palette was the biggest disappointment for me.  It’s cool that you can try multiple shades, but this sample isn’t anything better than what you might get in a magazine or free from Sephora.  I certainly won’t be cancelling my Topbox, I want to stick with it for a few months, but I am definitely hoping that November has a better showing than October.

I was also disappointed with the variety this box offered.  3 skin care samples and only one makeup sample?  Not ideal!  I would much rather receive a box with a bigger emphasis on makeup.  Or at the very least, some sort of balance between the two.  I’m hoping for a different experience next month – I’ve got my fingers crossed.  🙂

Are any of you receiving beauty boxes from Topbox already?  What did you think of your October Topbox?  Did you receive different products than I did?

Thanks for reading!



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