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Scotch tape: for more than wrapping presents!

Looking for an easy way to have some fun with your nails?  Or wanting to spice up your monolithic nails after a few days of wear?

Grab some scotch tape and a contrasting colour of nail polish!  In less than 10 minutes you can completely revamp your nails and make them look like a brand new manicure.

Make sure your solid base coat is completely dry before adding the tape to your nails, otherwise it will pull up your bottom colour and force you to start over.

I used “Up All Night” nail polish by China Glaze as my base.  It is a very deep midnight blue that in many lights appears to be black.  I actually let my nails set overnight, seeing as I started this adventure a little late in the evening.  Then, not having to worry about the tape pulling up any of my base, I started on my left hand.

Funky Nail Art  and Designs

Angling everything towards my thumb, I covered approximately half my nail with scotch tape.  I pressed it down to create a nice clean seal.  Then, using any contrasting colour, you simply paint the portion of your exposed nail.  Wait only about 30 seconds or so and then remove the tape.  You don’t want to let the top colour (in my case, I used “Celeb City” nail polish by Sally Hansen) dry completely because when you remove the tape, it will try and pull off your new design as well, you want the nail polish to still be wet.

Two Toned Nail Design

Using clear tape, you can create whatever sort of design you want on your nails, but I would say the easiest thing you can do is create a diagonal, or funky coloured tips if you wanted to do that.  I recommend using clear tape so you can see through it and make sure you’ve created a good seal on your nail to avoid leaking of the paint underneath.  Not to mention, scotch tape doesn’t leave a residue on your nail (unlike masking tape or painters tape).

Diagonal Nail Art, Two toned nail polish design

Two Toned Nail Design, Diagonal Nail Art

Then, you simply repeat the process and move from nail to nail until complete.  Once done, you can feel the slight ridge on the dividing line where your top nail polish sits higher than your base.  I decided to use a top coat to even out the texture of my nails.  Be sure to apply your top coat heavily so it gently glides across the nail.  If your brush is too dry it may pull at your base colour and force it to bleed slightly onto the top half of your nail.

I’m looking forward to hearing how you plan to use scotch tape in your future nail designs.

Thanks for reading!



Nail PolishDesigns  with Scotch Tape

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