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Urban Decay Palette: Book of Shadows IV

So my love for packaging and pretty colours over powered my sense of reason.  I certainly didn’t need another palette…but they are such a good deal when you are used to purchasing individual colours, that I couldn’t resist!

Introducing Urban Decay’s Book of Shadows IV:

Book of Shadows IV Palette




16 eyeshadow colours for Urban Decay

  1. 16 eyeshadows (10 of which are new)
  2.  Full-size 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
  3. Travel-size Eyeshadow Primer Potion
  4. Travel-size Supercurl Curling Mascara
  5. A portable speaker and how-to videos revealing five new looks that Urban Decay created exclusively for this palette

Top Row

Blue Bus, Gunmetal, Cobra, Baked Eyeshadows

  • Blue Bus Eyeshadow is a soft periwinkle blue with purple undertones
  • Gunmetal Eyeshadow is your classic dark metallic grey perfect for a smokey eye
  • Cobra Eyeshadow is a gorgeous dark olive green with gold specks (it is coming off as black in my swatch, but when the light hits it, you can really see the olive green tones)
  • Baked Eyeshadow is a very shimmery gold empowered light copper

Second Row

Bender, Gravity, Lost and Hijack Eyeshadows

  • Bender Eyeshadow is a deep mossy green (comparable to MAC’s Humid Eyeshadow)
  • Gravity Eyeshadow is a very vibrant purple with iridescent glitter specks
  • Lost Eyeshadow is a shimmery dark brown (comparable to MAC’s Mulch Eyeshadow)
  • Hijack Eyeshadow is a gorgeous teal that is very rich with grey, blue and green tones
Third Row
Midnight Cowgirl, Sin, Midnight Rodeo, Crystal Eyeshadows
  • Midnight Cowgirl Eyeshadow is a light gold with sparkle
  • Sin Eyeshadow is a shimmering champagne colour (comparable to MAC’s All that Glitters Eyeshadow)
  • Midnight Rodeo Eyeshadow is a very shimmery medium brown with both specks of gold and silver glitter
  • Crystal Eyeshadow is a light blue/silver shade with a lot of shimmer
Bottom Row

Bust, Missionary, Skimp and Zephyr Eyeshadows

  • Bust Eyeshadow is beautiful and I feel like it wasn’t properly depicted in the picture.  It is a taupe inspired brown with limited shimmer.
  • Missionary Eyeshadow is also gorgeous.  It is a light taupe with pink shimmer
  • Skimp Eyeshadow can only be described as a shimmery nude shade
  • Zephyr Eyeshadow is of course a shimmery white
24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Perversion
Urban Decay Liquid Eyeliner
Supercurl Curling Mascara
Urban Decay mascara

For a review of this mascara please visit my “Ultimate Mascara Review” post

What I love about the Book of Shadows IV Palette

  • All of these colours are highly pigmented, soft, creamy and rich.  They slide on with ease and transfer the colour as seen right on the palette.  There is no need to reapply 3 or 4 times to try to get the colour darker.
  • I love that this palette comes with a full size eyeliner, so many palettes overlook that.
  • The ribbon pulls make everything in this palette easy to get to.  The way this palette has been put together make it both beautiful and easy to use.

What I wish was different about the Book of Shadows IV Palette

  • This is perhaps my own fault, but because I am behind in technology when it comes to my phone of choice, I can’t actually benefit from the QR codes tutorials.  You need to have a phone with a browser to be able to download the application and scan the QR codes provided.  (I haven’t been able to find these online so you can watch them on your computer either.  I will need to steal my fiance’s android phone if I want to watch them.)
  • There is nothing actually holding the drawer that the eyeshadows come out in.  So it can actually fall out completely if you pull it too far.

This palette has received some criticism for being overshadowed by other Urban Decay palettes.  Everyone knows that if you want a beautiful neutral palette, you go with the Urban Decay Naked Palette  and if you want brights they have other palettes that focus only on brights.  But what I think is worth a mention, is if you like a mix of brights and neutrals than this palette is perfect.  Yes you will be missing neutrals and you will be missing brights.  But if you can only purchase one palette, instead of two, the Book of Shadows IV is the one to get.  This is my first Urban Decay Palette and I couldn’t be happier with it.

I hope you enjoyed the swatches and my look at this palette.  I will be doing some inspired looks with these shades soon.


4 responses

  1. Hey Shannon,

    Thanks so much for the swatch and review! To be honest I wasn’t very hyped up about this palette because of the lukewarm reviews I’ve read, but your swatches are beautiful! I’d also totally have the same technology problem if I purchase this one, haha.

    Sunny xx

    December 29, 2011 at 7:11 pm

    • Glad to know I am not the only one with a cell phone from the stone age still!

      December 29, 2011 at 10:20 pm

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