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Too Faced ~Dancing Sugar Plums Look~

It must be the completionist in me…or a slight case of OCD.  But either way I just had to try the last look from the Too Faced Sweet Dreams Palette – Dancing Sugar Plums.  Let me know what you think!

Dancing Sugar Plums Look


Too Faced Sweet Dreams Palette

How I did it:

  • Dusted Candlelight Glow all over my face and then topped off the cheeks with the Sweet Pink blush.
  • I filled in my brows slightly with Mystery Eyeshadow from MAC.
  • I applied a small amount of the Shadow Insurance Primer all over  my lids up to my eyebrows.
  • I started sweeping Cut the Cake Eyeshadow all over my lids, creating nice even coverage on both eyes.   (Using a fluffy eyeshadow brush for the set below that I will talk about in a minute.)
  • Using the dome shaped brush, I applied Nice Ash Eyeshadow on the edge of the look and swept this into the crease and just onto the brown bone.
  • Using a wet angled eyeliner brush, I applied Smolder Eyeshadow both above and below the eye, coming out to a bit of an uplifting point on the outer edge of the eye.
  • I highlighted both the brow bone and the inside corner of my eye with Satin Sheets eyeshadow.
  • Applied two coats of Sephora’s ultra black triple action mascara (came in the brush set from Sephora mentioned below).
  • For lips I simply put on a lip stain from Benefit called Posie Tint – it is a poppy pink tinted color.

Too Faced Sweet Dreams Palette

Too Faced Sweet Dreams Palette

My thoughts on the Dancing Sugar Plums look:

  • Cut the Cake eyeshadow came out really grey on me, not very lilacy at all.  I love the idea of purple and grey though, so I would definitely try this again.  But instead of trying it with Cut the Cake, I would try it with Parfait Amour eyeshadow from MAC and keep everything else the same.  That way the lid will be a little bit more pigmented and you’ll really see the pop of purple.
  • I think the Nice Ash eyeshadow really brought out the grey hues in Cut the Cake when I blended them together.  I think Cut the Cake eyeshadow might have looked a lot different if I’d put it along side a darker purple, like Party Girl eyeshadow.  Or even if it was being worn on its own I believe it would show as a very soft lilacy purple.
  • Satin Sheets eyeshadow works really nice as a lovely soft pink highlighter.  I think I will get a lot of use out of this one.
  • Using Smolder eyeshadow wet really performed well as an eyeliner.  It is a less dramatic look than a liquid eyeliner in black for example, but it’s still dark enough to add the depth to your look.
  • Candlelight Glow all over the face gives a very shimmery look in photos, almost like little sparkles everywhere…or like you’ve been sweating.  So keep that in mind.  I think rather than putting it all over, I would just use it as a soft highlight on top of a matte powder like my MAC Studio Careblend Pressed Powder.
  • Before heading out, I would put on a slightly pink shimmery lip gloss on top of the stain to complete the look.  (I didn’t do this for the pictures because I wanted you guys to see the true colour of the stain on my lips first.)

What I used not from the Too Faced Sweet Dreams Palette:

As mentioned earlier, I used brushes from a set I picked up at Sephora.  This is a regularly stocked item there and you can get it year round, not just during the holidays.  You can take a look at it here and read reviews.  Again the site shows US dollars until you head to check out where it converts to Canadian dollars.  I paid $54.00 for this brush set, in store.
Sephora Brush Set

I have had these for a few months and the brush quality is great.  The value is huge when purchased in a set like this, you pay such a premium to purchase them individually.  This set even comes complete with a guide on how to create the perfect smoky eye, as well as a full sized mascara.  Great gift idea for the makeup lover on your list!

I also want to mention the lip and cheek stains from Benefit.  I’ve used them before in previous looks, but never talked about them.
benefit lip & cheek stain
Too Faced Dancing Sugar Plums Eyes
The Posie Tint shade that I have used here is a bit light for me without a gloss on top, you’ll typically see me using the darker red shade ( Benetint in Rose) as it suits me better, especially on the cheeks.  I have however used this pink shade on the cheeks of a fair skinned blonde friend of mine, and it looked absolutely gorgeous, so keep that in mind!
Benefit Lip & Cheek Stain

I actually purchased these about 6-8 months ago and got them in a sample sized value set so I could try them out.  I don’t see that available on their website anymore, I only see the full sized stains available for purchase now.  But definitely go check them out in store, see what shade is right for you and I promise you that you will get lots of use out of it.  I love that it can double for your lips and cheeks.  When you spend a lot of money on makeup, it is nice to have multi use products.  The brush is great and makes application a breeze.  Go pick one up – or if you are looking for gift ideas, the benefit lip & cheek stains will make a great stocking stuffer that she will be ecstatic about.

Alright, now that all three looks from the Too Faced Sweet Dreams Palettes are up, I want to know your favorite!  (If you are just joining us, you can find the two very recent posts on the right hand side)




P.S. For an in-depth look at the Too Faced Sweet Dreams Palette, please check out my previous post “Too Faced ~Sweet Dreams~ Sultry Swan Look” complete with eyeshadow swatches.

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