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Down in Ashes

Recently I haven’t found the time to write here.  Things have been busy with work, wedding stuff and MW3…yes, I am one of those Call of Duty addicts.  But last weekend I attended an event that certainly deserves to be mentioned.

Let me rewind a bit first though – when I moved to Ottawa in 2010, I started a new job and met Isabelle Lavigne (who is now a great friend and a bridesmaid in our upcoming wedding).

When she told me that her brother was in a rock band and that I should check them out, I was skeptical.  Nowadays it seems everyone knows someone who is in a rock band that is “going places”.  So of course, I promised to check them out online and when I got home from work I did just that…and I must admit I am sure happy I did.  James and I ended up really liking their sound and explored their entire youtube channel in detail.

One of my favorites and their newest single: 

Meet the band:

Lead Vocals/Guitar – Kim Vincent

Backup Vocals/Bass – Yves Lavigne

Guitarist – Koji Okazaki

Drums – Steve Brogno

On the 18th of November, they were a part of the Big Money Shot Finals (Live 88.5 fm) here in Ottawa.  They had already earned their way into the final show over the past several months, toured and were back in Ottawa for a big show…in an old church…rocking out at the altar.

James and I knew it was time to go see them live so with Isabelle in tow, we went out to support her brother and his alternative rock band “Down in Ashes”.  They put on a hell of a show and the venue made for such a unique experience.  http://saintbrigidscentre.com/  So beautiful!

Thanks to Yves Lavigne for the sneak peek pictures during set up:

Thanks to Isabelle Lavigne for these cell phone shots throughout their set from the front row of the crowd:

Down in Ashes

Down in Ashes

Down in Ashes, Big Money Shot

Thanks to the band for this crowd shot:

St. Brigid's Centre, Ottawa

The Big Money Shot contest awarded them $35,000.00 in total this year and we know this is just the beginning.  We had such a great time and urge you to check out their website and give them a listen!  I promise you they have a lot of talent!  Tell me, what have you got to lose?


You can also see upcoming tour dates and learn more about this local talent’s story.

We’ll see you at the next show!  

An acoustic teaser: 

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